Supercharge your ABM strategy with Expandi Cyance B2B intent data platform.

Segment, target & prioritise the right accounts.

Buyer journeys are changing. With the new digital world, prospects could be showing interest and proceeding to a solution evaluation before you’ve managed to touch them.

Use intent signals to determine what your target accounts care about and what they are researching. Enhance engagement rates by creating content and messaging that position you as the best solution to their challenges and pain points.

Why Expandi Cyance

One platform for all your ABM strategies

From 1:few to 1:many, Expandi Cyance fully supports your ABM strategy.

With intent data, you can target your key accounts based on their position in the buyer’s journey and deliver highly targeted and bespoke messaging.

If you have a 1:many ABM strategy, our detailed intent scoring, technographic, and firmographic information can help you identify and target the hottest and most relevant accounts.


Segment, target & prioritise the right accounts with specific keywords

We allow you to track your ideal companies’ behavior by researching specific keywords across thousands of websites & publishers. You can easily integrate our standard keywords with custom keywords that are deeply relevant to your business – unlike other platforms which insist you select fixed topics from a predetermined list.

Know where prospects really are in the buying journey

We provide unbeatable coverage by collecting intent with a truly omnichannel approach. We track billions of buying intent signals across the globe across 55K publishers, of which 30k in Europe, social channels, and marketing campaigns.

With our superior intent taxonomy, you can tailor your messages better than any competitive product.


Track local intent in local languages

Other intent data providers don’t track non-English content. Instead, they directly translate English-language sites, and in the process lose all the nuance of intent signals.

Expandi Cyance is the only platform that supports customisation and intent discovery in more than 10 languages including French, German, Spanish, Italian and Dutch, enabling you to accurately find and target European high-intent buyers.

Power your ABM strategy with intent data today.


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