Learn what makes intent data a powerful tool for driving real, measurable growth

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Find your ideal customers, when they are ready to buy Engage prospects at the right time in the buying cycle Maximise - or grow - the opportunity within your existing accounts Unify and measure your account based marketing Gain market-leading insight into European audiences Access a universe of intent data like no other

Your best-fit customers are researching the problems you solve all the time. Cyance uses intent signals across thousands of different data sources to unlock this hidden behaviour, allowing you to transform your sales and marketing activity and drive real, measurable growth.

Unlock the potential of intent data with Cyance.

More and more businesses are catching on to the vast possibilities of intent data. With intent insights, you can stop the guesswork and deliver accurate, personalised marketing and sales campaigns at speed and scale. So what makes Cyance unique?

Cyance maps intent much more accurately than other providers, with features including custom keyword and topic lists
We identify surges in intent behaviour so you can focus on accounts that are researching and getting ready to buy
Our buying intent signals include over 55,000 sources – with over 30,000 from Europe
We support intent discovery in languages such as English, French, German, Italian and Spanish
We bring together intent and account based marketing into one platform, providing a single source of truth

Use Cases

  • Account based marketing

    Deploy sophisticated ABM campaigns at scale.

  • Intent-based demand generation

    Arm sales teams with in-depth account intelligence.

  • Audience activation

    Boost ROI by activating audiences that show real buyer intent.

  • Customer retention

    Track buying behaviour to spot upsell opportunities and combat churn risk.

  • European outreach

    Find and target your European high-intent buyers.

  • 150m

    Businesses profiled

  • 3X

    More ROI

  • 400%

    Ahead of target

  • 100s

    Satisfied clients

Who is Cyance for?

  • Technology
  • eCommerce
  • Startups
  • Professional Services
  • Manufacturing
  • Insurance
  • Service Providers

    Managing Director Punch!

    “We not only leverage Cyance on behalf of our clients but we are actually using the data for Punch!’s own account based strategy.”


    CEO, CRM Technologies

    “What stood out about Cyance is the ability to drive insight but also delve into why that insight has come about in the first place.”


    Head of Strategy, April Six

    “We capitalise and utilise the insights that we derive from Cyance to engage customers in unexpected and personalised ways.”

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