Find Your Best Fit Customers. And Their Buying Stage.

Businesses are researching the problems you solve. Expandi Cyance uses thousands of online sources to identify and match them with your ideal customer profile. This provides sales & marketing teams with insights to supercharge revenue.

What makes Expandi Cyance unique?

Standard and Custom Intent Keywords

Superior tracking. Only track activity relevant to your business and screen out noise with custom keywords.

Multilingual Intent

The only platform that can show you intent in European languages to get a fuller picture.

Unbeatable Coverage

Truly omni-channel approach. Track billions of buying intent signals across the globe from 55K publishers, with over 30k in Europe, social channels and campaigns intent.

Higher Reachability and Intent Taxonomy

Tailor your content using our intent data categorised using far more taxonomies than competition - and win more deals.

Use Cases

Find your best-fit accounts

Take the guesswork out of audience selection with Expandi Cyance. Track buyer signals across the web to find prospects researching your solutions and looking to buy. Focus on the right leads to boost conversions and drive real, measurable growth.

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