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Cyance combines the power of intent data and account based marketing to transform the way global brands identify and engage prospects and key accounts. Our focus on customisation and ability to pinpoint surging intent gives data-driven insights that more accurately identify buying signals, resulting in better conversion, stronger pipelines and greater ROI.

At Cyance, we bring market, account and sales intelligence together to help you drive revenue and accelerate growth. Our platform intelligently supports your sales, marketing and customer success teams in many different areas, including:

Account based marketing

  • B2B sales and marketing are undergoing significant change. The shift to a more focused ABM approach, whether one-to-many ABM, one-to-few ABM or one-to-one ABM, drives much greater sales and marketing alignment and a more integrated, technology-driven sales process. Cyance enables better-timed targeting with more relevant messaging that drives higher success rates for your engagement activities.

    • Delivers global B2B intent data with unmatched reach into European geographies
    • Intelligently scores intent signals for companies and 1st party contacts to drive personalised outreach
    • Integrates into your existing CRM, MAP, DSP, sales enablement, social platforms and other technologies
    • Identifies lookalike accounts to expand pipeline or to benchmark ABM
    • Accelerates revenues with shorter sales cycles and higher conversion rates

Intelligent demand generation

  • Too often, demand generation activities lack focus and precision, leading to a significant waste of resources and opportunities. Cyance removes the blinkers by intelligently tracking multilingual activity across more than 55,000 global digital touchpoints. You can see highly granular intent signals matched to your specific products, services and value propositions, and our AI-driven proprietary algorithms precisely detect surging intent that is qualified with firmographic, technographic and geographic data.

    • Tracks over 24 billion global data events monthly with over 10 billion in Europe
    • Supports multilingual keyword and topic configuration specific to your business
    • Identifies surging intent using proprietary algorithm
    • Intelligently qualifies intent signals against your ideal customer profile
    • Delivers a bigger opportunity pipeline, with less wasted resources

Audience activation and engagement

  • Missing the mark with ill-timed, out-of-context or irrelevant communications is wasteful, and potentially damaging to your business. Cyance combines its own, proprietary intent signals with powerful ABM functionality to make sure context is captured and buyer stage is understood. This way, you can enhance brand perception and drive more conversions through multi-channel campaigns that leverage intelligently targeted, highly relevant content.

    • Provides personalised dashboards to track targeted accounts and prioritise next best actions
    • Activates 3rd and 1st party audiences with personalised content in cross-channel campaigns
    • Supports continuous improvement by tracking engagement outcomes
    • Integrates into your existing CRM, MAP, DSP, sales enablement, social and other technologies
    • Drives more conversions and improves brand perception

Customer retention and growth

  • Reducing churn and expanding footprint are the hallmarks of customer success, but with large account portfolios it is easy to miss the right signals. Cyance brings account intelligence to customer success, identifying the danger signs of increased activity with competitors as well as upsell and cross-sell opportunities. With this information, you will know where to focus and prioritise your time and resources to maximise the lifetime value of your accounts.

    • Accurately identifies surges in warning signals or buying signals using proprietary algorithms
    • Reduces resources needed for regular, personalised and relevant outreach to each account or customer segment
    • Supports account expansion with global, multilingual capture of B2B intent signals
    • Aligns sales, marketing and customer success on a single platform for global intent and ABM
    • Decreases churn and increases lifetime value in your portfolio of accounts

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