Boost the result of your marketing activities and your sales pipeline with the most accurate B2B Intent Data

Intent Data for Marketing and Sales

Use intent data to detect hidden demand and identify accounts that are ready to buy. The new Cyance intent data platform is the only platform that connects 1st and 3rd party intent signals in multiple languages using local media and international media.

The platform tracks over 24 billion global data events each month to find businesses looking for your solutions.

Use our platform to identify your best-fit accounts, run more effective marketing campaigns, grow your pipeline, reduce churn, and win more deals.

The best 1st and 3rd party intent for Marketing and Sales

Find your best-fit prospects with Custom Keywords

Cyance allows you to track companies that are researching certain keywords across thousands of websites & publishers. If you are looking for opportunities in nice sectors, thanks to the keywords customisation functionality, we only track account behaviour that is relevant to your specific products and services – rather than getting inaccurate or broad indications of intent.

Our support team will help you define the specific keywords that are deeply relevant to your business – unlike other platforms which insist you select fixed topics from a predetermined list.

By identifying prospects interested in your business you will be able to target them faster and better improving the results of your marketing campaigns and providing your sales team with a stronger pipeline.


Know where prospects are in the buying journey, and target them precisely

Our platform shows intent surges on products & services like yours. These intent signals reveal where accounts are in the buying journey, so you can focus on them and meaningfully engage with them.

With our Trending Topics feature, gain insight into industry trends and prospect interests – their pain points and priorities, and how long they have been researching these topics – to meaningfully inform your business and content strategy.

Don’t miss out on prospects in non-English-speaking countries

Expandi Cyance is the leading provider of intent data outside of the US. Our buyer intent signals include over 55,000 sources, with more than 30,000 from Europe. We track 24 billion B2B data events across Europe and APAC. When benchmarked by marketing agencies, Expandi Cyance was found to track roughly 60% more intent signals.

With our platform, you can track European intent, enter new markets, and expand your global reach.


Power your marketing and sales teams with intent data.


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