About Cyance

Cyance, founded in 2007, is since 2022 a brand of Expandi Group

Cyance, an Expandi brand, helps innovative and fast-growing B2B companies, and agencies generate more efficient growth with the use of intelligent data insights and analytics. Our behaviour insights – based on the most accurate data available – give you an unmatched ability to shorten your sales cycle and increase close rates for high-value accounts, particularly for those targeting European markets.

The Cyance platform collects and analyses intent in more than 10 European languages and provides a unique mix of custom and predefined keywords that allow companies to identify the most accurate intent signals.

Expandi Group, purchased several of Cyance’s assets in September 2022 when the original company closed. Cyance is now an Expandi brand.

Expandi Group, established in 2000, is a global leader in AdTech, MarTech and Managed Services.

Our Leadership Team

Raffaele Apostoliti

Expandi Board Member
President & CEO

Raffaele Apostoliti

President & CEO

Raffaele co-founded Expandi in April 2000. Since then he has been responsible for developing Expandi’s vision, marketing and sales strategy. Thanks to his pioneering vision, Expandi has become a truly international agency and an acknowledged leader in BtoB Marketing.

Before founding the Group, Raffaele spent five years in HP’s European marketing and sales division. During this time, he developed a strong understanding of IT channels and their unique needs through a number of management roles. Whilst at HP, Raffaele worked as a Channel Programme Manager, Outbound Supply Chain Manager and eBusiness Manager. In his last position, he launched HP Europe’s first E-commerce platform and negotiated commercial partnerships with a number of leading Internet portals.

Matt Gower


Chief Business Development Officer Accountinsight and Cyance

Matt Gower

Chief Business Development Officer Accountinsight and Cyance

Matt played a pivotal role in spearheading Bombora's expansion in EMEA and APAC over the last five years.

Now, at Expandi Group, Matt brings his wealth of expertise and proven track record to guide strategic initiatives, leveraging his extensive experience to fuel further success and growth for the company.

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