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Why Lead Generation Campaigns Fail (and How To Build Successful Ones)

There’s no denying that lead generation is one of the biggest challenges for businesses looking to grow revenue. Recent studies indicate increasing quality leads is the top priority for 68% of B2B professionals. However, this isn’t to say developing a successful lead generation campaign is a straightforward process – 61% of marketers rank it as their number one challenge, with 68% of businesses reporting that they struggle with their lead generation campaigns.

Why do lead generation campaigns fail?

The way customers – particularly those in the B2B space – buy online is changing. Because a vast amount of information is now available, most research is usually carried out before any enquiry or demo request. This means that any buying decision is usually close to the end of the funnel before any contact is made.

Lead generation campaigns hinge on this information, but there are a number of reasons why they fail. Here are a few examples:

  • Sales and marketing are not aligned. The biggest signs here are disagreements over strategy and what qualifies as a high-quality lead.
  • High-quality leads are generated but neglected with no follow-ups. Studies suggest lead-nurturing emails get up to 10 times the response rate compared to standalone emails.
  • Misunderstanding audience intent. Since only 4% of website visitors are ready to buy, irrelevant messaging or content can turn away the remaining 96% still in the stage of searching for solutions.

The common thread that binds all of the above is data quality; inaccurate data negatively impacts sales and marketing decisions and can hurt your ability to grow and nurture audiences. Data constantly decays – up to 30% per year becomes inaccurate – and because of it approximately 27% of sales time ends up wasted.

The solution is to invest in accurate, reliable and relevant data.

How intent data builds successful lead generation campaigns

Around 84% of customers say the experience a company provides is as important as its products and services. To build a successful lead generation campaign you therefore need to know your audience. It’s also vital to make contact with them at just the right time with tailored messaging in order to successfully convert prospective customers into buyers. And that’s where intent data comes in.

B2B intent data identifies online behaviour patterns and signals that indicate interest in your business – across all stages of the buying journey.

Unlike other intent data providers, Cyance tracks multilingual sources of buying intent – with strong coverage across Europe – and offers custom configuration of keywords and topics so that you can see highly granular intent signals mapped specifically to your products.

With accurate intent data you can identify best-fit customers, know where they are in the buying journey and better understand their needs. This enables you to reach them in a timely manner with personalised, meaningful content – via marketing, advertising, sales or account management channels. Insights gained from intent data can then be used to build a successful lead generation campaign – one that is forward-thinking and delivers results now.

To learn more about how intent data shortens sales cycles, builds a stronger pipeline, and increases close rates, download our eBook on Intent Data and Accuracy.

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