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Intent Data Is Changing

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Jenny Linder

This is the first webinar in a short series of webinars being released leading up our exciting new Cyance series 4 launch in early December hosted by the founder of Cyance, Jon Clarke.

In this session we will discuss some of our favourite new additions to the dashboard followed by a Q&A session where Jon and our new Head of Customer Success Chris Dingley answer questions we have had from our customers about Intent Data, best practices and client use cases, as well as taking live questions from the audience.

You will learn:

· How we are tailoring our Intent Data to each unique user

· How new levels of granularity in the data can give you better focus on what your insights are really telling you

· How intent data can be combined with content engagement insights

· Some of the best use cases for Intent Data

· How Intent can help with internal team alignment

· How to make your Intent insight gathering more efficient

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The second webinar in this series – Boosting efficiency and outcomes will be held the 11th November. If you are interested in attending that as well we would be delighted to see you. Just sign up here