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How to focus messaging and fill your sales pipeline

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Jenny Linder

Sales and marketing is all about having the right message at the right time. In our latest webinar, Drift’s James Ski will join our own Tom Parsley and Jenny Linder to discuss how you can build better pipeline and close more deals by starting more relevant conversations.

Key takeaways

Our aim is always to provide information and insight that you can use right away to help bring the best out of your sales and marketing campaigns. Here are some of the points we will cover:

  • How to tailor your content to your ideal customer
  • How to approach them at the right time
  • How outreach and targeting has evolved (and what pitfalls to avoid)
  • If gated content and form fills are a thing of the past
  • How to start the most relevant prospect conversation (without spending too much sales time)
  • The right balance between automated and manual to achieve the best personalisation at scale
  • The importance of different forms of content throughout the customer journey
  • Which tools and platforms are the right fit for your business