Expandi achieves assets purchase of Cyance to give new life to the well-established brand and offer an unbeatable intent-data solution.

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Tap into European markets

Cyance is the leading provider of B2B intent data for European growth. With our extensive data coverage, you can track true European buyer intent to successfully build your European business development strategy. Grow pipeline outside of the US, and accelerate your business growth.

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Track European buyer intent

Most intent data platforms are unable to provide genuine insight into European buyers. This is because they only track US-based data signals. But with Cyance, you have access to insights from 24 billion B2B data events across Europe and APAC, and over 30,000 websites from Europe – that’s 60% more data than other platforms.

With us, you don’t risk missing out on B2B businesses across Europe that are searching for your solutions. Enter new markets and activate new audiences with ease.

Understand European buyers with Multilingual Intent

There are more than 20 official languages In the European Economic Area. So if you’re looking to gain intent insights into target European buyers, you need intent data from European and local language sites.

Cyance is the only platform that does this, supporting intent discovery in multiple languages including French, German, Spanish, Italian, and Dutch. We also track more non-English content consumption in Europe than any other intent data provider. And we have dedicated Europe and APAC in-territory customer success teams. All of which means you gain a comprehensive understanding of local markets and local buyers –so you can build a business development strategy guaranteed to succeed.

Future-proof your strategies

Cyance is 100% compliant – with GDPR, TCF V2.0, and all other data privacy regulations. Leading businesses often work with us for this reason. They know they can trust us to deliver European intent data which is 100% compliant and respects user privacy.

European Leader in HCM Solutions

This organisation provide solutions to bring together HR functions while supporting learning, performance management and recruitment. They were looking to streamline their sales pipeline to a more targeted form of outreach, add a more accurate, data-driven approach to its sales processes, as well as deliver more targeted, productive and cost-effective sales.


reduction in time to opportunity


increase in revenue


increase in engagement

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