Expandi achieves assets purchase of Cyance to give new life to the well-established brand and offer an unbeatable intent-data solution.

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Retain customers and reduce churn

Enhance not only acquisitions but retention and growth. Our intent signals identify the right prospects for you – those most likely to convert and renew – and also help you to spot warning signs early on. That way, you can act accordingly to improve retention and reduce churn. With Cyance, strengthen your revenue, relationships and reputation.

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Improve customer lifetime value

The cost of customer acquisitions can be high, especially in the enterprise space. And many startups require over a year to recoup the acquisition costs on a new customer. That’s why it’s important to bear in mind the customer lifetime value of each project, as opposed to focusing on quick wins only. With our intent signals, you not only find your best-fit accounts, but you gain valuable insights into your key accounts to improve your up-sell and cross-sell opportunities with solutions they are likely to need.

Spot the warning signs

Growing revenue is hard work, but it’s even harder if your existing customers move on. With Cyance, you know when your existing customers are looking at your competitors, what keywords they are trending around, and where they are in their new buying journey. Access such actionable insights at key points in the customer lifecycle, such as prior to contract renewal, to act accordingly and reduce churn risk and secure renewals.


Gilroy is an Enterprise B2B ABM agency. We combine intent tracking with a suite of intelligence tools, data sources and AI to build detailed and actionable insight on target organisations, teams and individuals. In doing so, we help some of the largest brands to roll out effective ABM programmes.


increased contract values from sub €10m


the value of accounts won in one year


unprecedented growth for international business

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