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Smarter Demand Generation Using Accurate Intent Data Insights

Cyance intelligently tracks multilingual activity across more than 55,000 global digital touchpoints, typically capturing over 24bn global data events monthly with around 10bn of these in Europe. Through custom configuration of keywords and topics, you can see highly granular intent signals mapped specifically to your value propositions and products.

The ABX Funnel

Key: ABX = Account-Based Experience, ICP = Ideal Customer Profile, DMU = Decision Making Unit, CRM = Customer Relationship Management, DSP = Demand-Side Platform, MAP = Marketing Automation Platform, SEP = Sales Engagement Platform

  • Find your perfect FIT

    Global prospects are qualified using our unique “FIT” scoring, to determine not just those that match your ideal customer profile (ICP), but those that are currently in-market for your solutions.




    Avoid wasted efforts pursuing prospects that are not a good FIT for your business.


  • Firmographic qualification

    Cyance captures the profile of each prospective company and the alignment with your ideal customer profile (ICP). Qualify prospects by company size in number of employees and revenues, by region, and by sector.

    You can also link to Crunchbase to dive deeper as needed. Avoid wasted effort pursuing prospects that do not fit your ICP.

  • Intent qualification

    Our AI-driven, proprietary algorithms identify statistically significant changes in intent signals. These are specific to each company, not an average across all companies, providing more accurate detection of intent signals.

    Intent signals are tracked over time, and for each company are classified as Surging, Increasing, Staying Steady, Decreasing or Subsiding. You can act quickly and intelligently to respond to changes in intent signals with relevant activation and personalisation initiatives.

  • Technographic qualification

    Cyance surfaces many of the technologies in use in your prospective companies. You can select, segment and prioritise companies with technologies that may indicate a better opportunity for your business.

    You can also tailor your outreach approach based upon this technology profile.

Intelligent demand generation in action

  • €2.9m new pipeline

    in 6 months at Panasonic

  • £1.5m new sales qualified opportunities

    in 120 days at Acxiom

  • €1.6m new pipeline

    in 12 months for KPN

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