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Reduce Churn & Grow Existing Accounts with Intent Data

Account-based experiences extend beyond customer acquisition into customer retention and growth. Cyance can reduce churn by identifying competitive intent signals in your existing customers, and can be used to provide actionable insights at key points in the customer lifecycle, such as prior to contract renewal or while responding to an RFP.

Once you have an established relationship with an account, you can seek out up-sell and cross-sell opportunities for new value propositions in new geographies.

The ABX Funnel

Key: ABX = Account-Based Experience, ICP = Ideal Customer Profile, DMU = Decision Making Unit, CRM = Customer Relationship Management, DSP = Demand-Side Platform, MAP = Marketing Automation Platform, SEP = Sales Engagement Platform

  • Higher retention

    Intent signals are not just for customer acquisition. Your existing customers are continuing to buy, and you can reduce churn by accurately identifying increases in competitor research. These early warning signals allow you to proactively address issues that are causing concern in your customer base.

    Customer success teams can also use intent signals to add value at key points in the customer lifecycle, such as prior to quarterly business reviews, prior to contract renewal or while responding to an RFP.

  • Higher growth

    You may have a beachhead into your account, but there are many opportunities to expand through bringing on new users, targeting new business units and geographies, and through introducing new value propositions.

    Cyance helps you seek out these expansion, upsell and cross-sell opportunities by giving you intent signals from anywhere within your customer account that are accurate, qualified and linked to your value propositions.

  • Grow lifetime value

    With account-based experiences powered by Cyance, you will accelerate your revenue growth. You can drive down costs by reducing wasted time and resources, while significantly shortening your time to revenue.

    With broader account penetration, reduced churn and increased up-sell and cross-sell opportunities, you can significantly increase the lifetime value of your accounts.

Retention and Growth in action

  • 4-fold contract value increase

    for Orange Business Services

  • 34% average order value increase

    for Panasonic

  • €595k of new orders

    for KPN

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