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Build Better Connections with your Target Audiences

Missing the mark with ill-timed, out of context or irrelevant communications is wasteful and potentially damaging for your brand. Using Cyance for audience activation and engagement, you can enhance brand perception and drive more conversions through multi-channel campaigns that leverage intelligently targeted, highly relevant content.

Easy integration into your existing sales and marketing technologies is critical to driving faster acquisition of customers. Cyance third and first party intent audiences can be segmented into marketing campaign and/or sales territory groups and then activated into many different activation platforms, including paid advertising, marketing automation and CRM.

The ABX Funnel

Key: ABX = Account-Based Experience, ICP = Ideal Customer Profile, DMU = Decision Making Unit, CRM = Customer Relationship Management, DSP = Demand-Side Platform, MAP = Marketing Automation Platform, SEP = Sales Engagement Platform

  • Faster acquisition

    Cyance drives more conversions in less time through account-based experiences that are optimised for timing, context and relevance.

    • Timing – your intent keywords are mapped to buying stage; early, mid or late, so you can personalise account-based experiences and specifically prioritise early-mid behaviour for demand generation
    • Context – intent keywords are mapped to topics, which are aligned to your products and value propositions, so your outreach can relate the needs and interests of your audiences specifically to your business capabilities
    • Relevance – you can build multi-channel, multilingual campaigns that leverage intelligently targeted, highly relevant content driven by Timing and Context
  • Engage using the technology of your choice

    CRM users see the Cyance intent data synced with their accounts and opportunities within their CRM interface, with alerts configured based on these intent signals.

    Campaign managers can feed Cyance audience intelligence into their marketing automation and demand-side platforms, and then see valuable, in-depth analytics within Cyance, such as advert impressions, landing page impressions and landing page conversions.

    We are rapidly expanding our integrations across conversational, demand-side, marketing automation, customer relationship management, sales engagement and social platforms, so be sure to check with us for the latest integration updates.

  • Broader account penetration

    Identify the anonymous accounts that have interacted with your campaign to open up a brand new list of accounts to reach out to and retarget with alternative outbound methods.

    Pick up highly accurate, multilingual intent signals from global markets that are mapped to roles within the decision making unit (DMU), so you can identify new players and new geographies, leading to broader account penetration with new and expanded opportunities.

Activation and Engagement in action

  • 58:1 ROI in just 6 months

    for Panasonic

  • 86 new accounts engaged

    for Acxiom

  • 4x more engagement

    for Orange Business Services

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