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Powerful ABM Intent Data

B2B sales and marketing are undergoing significant change. Account-based marketing, ABM, is now recognized as fundamental to achieving sales goals. The shift from generating awareness using mass marketing to a more focused ABM approach drives a need to know much more about your target accounts before every communication you have with them. Sales and marketing must now align to deliver ABX, account-based experiences. Every experience matters.

The ABX Funnel

Key: ABX = Account-Based Experience, ICP = Ideal Customer Profile, DMU = Decision Making Unit, CRM = Customer Relationship Management, DSP = Demand-Side Platform, MAP = Marketing Automation Platform, SEP = Sales Engagement Platform

  • Buyer journeys are changing

    With the new digital world of B2B, the prospect could be showing interest and proceeding to evaluation before you’ve ever managed to touch them.

    Cyance helps B2B sellers wrestle back control. Be smarter with your demand generation using accurate scoring of intent signals globally to fill the funnel with higher quality prospects.

  • Filter to your ideal customers

    Qualify prospects against your ideal customer profile and narrow further to those ICPs that are in-market, and then use the breadth of intent signals available to widen your funnel to more opportunities and more buying group participants.

    With the wide range of technology integrations available, you can dramatically shorten the sales cycle with timely and relevant experiences that are in context of the buying stage of your prospect.

  • Cyance accelerates revenue growth

    Whether your ABM activities are one-to-one, one-to-few or one-to-many, leveraging the accuracy, granularity and global reach of Cyance account based marketing software will deliver rapid return on investment. Drive down costs, reduce wasted time and resources, broaden account penetration and significantly shorten your time to revenue.

    With account-based experiences powered by Cyance, you can accelerate your revenue growth!

ABM in action

  • 400% pipeline

    improvement for Genesys

  • €600m value of accounts

    won for Gilroy

  • £1.5m in SQLs

    for StrategicABM

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