Talmundo implements Cyance’s Nexus platform to improve marketing ROI

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April 20, 2019

Talmundo, a European HR technology company, has implemented the Cyance Nexus platform to enhance its marketing strategy and better engage with customers and prospects. The Nexus behaviour-based marketing platform provides insight into the buying behaviours of organisations and companies across the world and was developed by Cyance, a multi-award winning B2B customer behaviour technology company.

Talmundo already uses an account-based marketing (ABM) strategy to reach its target customers, but needed a way to identify which accounts are more engaged in the buying cycle and when. By implementing the Cyance Nexus platform, Talmundo can now more effectively prioritise its marketing and sales efforts, resulting in more targeted and meaningful customer engagements.

Kevin Nass, Head of New Markets at Talmundo says: “Initially we were just focusing on our top 100 ABM accounts equally. Cyance helped us to identify the keywords most relevant to our business and uploaded our accounts onto the Nexus dashboard. Within six weeks we were able to identify 55 accounts showing buyer intent around those keywords. As a result, we’ve tailored our messaging to these customers, improving the effectiveness and success of our ABM strategy.”

The Nexus platform uses predictive analytics and machine learning to pick up on the buying behaviours and intent signals that companies and individuals are displaying online. Nexus helps to pinpoint which audiences are in an active buying journey and what they are interested in at any given time.

Christina Chaplin, Head of Innovation and Data, at Talmundo adds: “The support we’ve had from Cyance in setting up the Nexus platform has been excellent. And the dashboard is very easy to use. What has really impressed us about the Cyance platform is how it can build such an accurate picture of our target customers. We’ve already experienced the benefit of this through more relevant and targeted customer interactions and plan to expand its use within the business in the near future.”

James Bissell, Business Development Director at Cyance, says: “Organisations are under increasing pressure to improve the effectiveness of marketing campaigns. By utilising behavioural data, marketers can deliver more relevant messages to the most receptive audiences, improving ROI. Through Nexus, Talmundo is now able reach customers and prospects at the right time in the buying journey, with pinpoint accuracy and hyper-relevant messaging, all in real-time.”

About Cyance

Founded in 2007, Cyance helps businesses transform their data, predict buying behaviour and accelerate their sales and marketing ROI with its next generation machine-learning technology and unrivalled ecosystem of global data sources.

Cyance’s pioneering behaviour-based marketing technology platform, Nexus, detects the digital footprints that businesses are leaving online. By tracking this online behaviour from 150 million+ global organisations, Nexus helps organisations pinpoint what businesses are in an active buying journey and what and makes their customers, prospects and competitors tick, with laser precision.

Nexus also provides actionable insights that enable organisations to prioritise their marketing and sales efforts and spend their budget where they’re most likely to generate the best return on their investment.

About Talmundo

Talmundo is a European HR Tech company founded in 2012. Its onboarding platform, launched in 2014, is a mobile-friendly cloud software which creates an engaging pre-boarding and onboarding experience for employees.

Talmundo’s software blends HR best practices together with companies’ culture to deliver a seamless onboarding experience, which helps companies bring people onboard faster, integrate them better, and make everyone’s job easier. By keeping key HR metrics like retention, productivity and employee engagement in mind, Talmundo’s solution helps companies go beyond the paperwork and create a meaningful onboarding journey for new hires, revolutionizing the way we interact with HR technology systems.

Today, Talmundo is proud to work with leading multinationals like Deloitte, Bacardi, ArcelorMittal, KPMG, BNP Paribas Fortis, Sodexo, Engie, SAS, Lufthansa Group and Coty.

More information about Cyance and Talmundo can be found at www.cyance.com and www.talmundo.com


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