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Surging Intent

Oscar Pierce-Saunderson

We all know the potential of intent data. A recent study found that a staggering 99% of businesses are using it in some form — with all of them citing increases in ROI, sales growth, or both. Yet, while there’s no denying its value, it’s important to remember that not all intent data is the same. In order for it to be effective, intent data must be accurate. This means it must not only show you best-fit customers, but also when you should reach out to them.


And this is where it can get tricky, since intent isn’t static and can be difficult to pin down. Intent changes during the various stages of the buying journey, and intent is subject to change due to account-related factors such as time, available resources, or technologies at hand. So if your intent data is not accurate — and therefore unable to track such changes — it can lead to wastage and negatively impact account engagement.

Pinpointing changing intent

A key factor that influences the accuracy of intent data is customisation. Many providers — such as Bombora — base their intent data on set topics or keyword groups. The signals that are used to build out the data here are fixed. This lack of flexibility is an issue, as every business is different and there is no one-size-fits-all solution to uncovering the right intent.

Cyance is the only platform that allows you to create an entirely customised list of keywords and intent topics to track the most relevant signals specific to your organisation. The data you receive is therefore unique and can build audiences and help lead you to ideal customer profiles.

Cyance also enables you to pinpoint surging intent.

What is surging intent?

This is a change in the activity of an account — its behaviour and intent signals — which shows a heightened interest in the keywords and topics unique to your organisation, especially in comparison to its previous behaviour or historical benchmark. Cyance uses a unique keyword scoring algorithm — one which factors the various ways in which accounts engage with keywords — to indicate surging intent.

What can you do with surging intent?

With this information, you can pinpoint and prioritise accounts that are researching and getting ready to buy, tailor your campaigns, and focus sales and marketing activity.

Reaching customers at just the right time with just the right message dramatically improves your chances of successfully converting them into buyers. It also provides a personalised experience for them — something which 84% of customers say is as important as a company’s products and services.

Your best-fit customers are searching for solutions to problems you resolve. Intent data and surging intent allow you to meaningfully connect with them to transform your sales and marketing activity and drive real, measurable growth.

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