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Reduce your Waste with Buyer Intent Data

As our company targets grow and we stay at home away from our teams and workplaces, it has never been more important to be aligned, streamlined and efficient between the marketing and sales teams.

We do a lot of things because it is the “way things are done” or because “we’ve always done it that way and it has worked” – but what if it could work better? What if you could have more of your days back to do other things?


Below is some expert advice on how to focus sales and marketing practices and campaigns using Buyer Intent Data, and how that could allow you to shed a lot of excess work and stress.

What is B2B buyer intent data?

B2B buyer intent data shows you what your target companies are actively researching. So you can tailor and direct your sales and marketing efforts to the people who actually want to buy your products or services. Intent data insights available to the marketer and salesperson today are incredible, and behavioural intent (in our very unbiased opinion) is that missing puzzle piece we have all been waiting for.

Waste is a big term – but what does it mean in Marketing and Sales?

There are so many moving parts in a marketing and sales team, not to mention all the technology platforms and channels that you work with on a daily basis. Overwhelmingly we find that companies have so many things to keep track of that teams segregate and become siloed, stopping internal alignments and information sharing.

Both marketing and sales teams are constantly looking to reach ever growing targets and their successes are based on the others’ work. Without speaking to each other, trying to reach as many good fit companies as possible in order to convert them into closed sales takes a lot of effort and money – much of which could be reduced and focused.

Uploading a list of your dream accounts, alongside good fit lookalikes, and seeing which of these companies are currently showing buyer intent and what keywords and topics they are researching, allows you to cut the wasted time and efforts of the entire sales and marketing unit.

By looking at the main keywords and topics researched by your good fit prospects, you can reduce the effort spent by your creative team trying to understand what content they should and shouldn’t produce. Including SEO versions of these keywords in the final content provides further focus to your prospect targeting and reach, reducing the time it takes for them to land on your site.

For the main marketing team you can cut some of the media spend and effort being wasted directing ads and Account-Based Marketing (ABM) campaigns at audiences of inactive prospects, by overlaying Intent Data insights over your good fit audiences and weeding out the 80-90% that are not in a current buying journey.

"By looking at the main keywords and topics researched by your good fit prospects, you can reduce the effort spent by your creative team."

Using Intent Data, sales teams can drastically cut down on the time to close by using the buyer insights to start relevant and engaging conversations with prospects around topics that they know the prospect is already researching. By doing so they can target the messaging to resonate with the company’s pain points and provide solutions upfront, beating out the competition.

It’s all about strategy and alignment

But where do you start to put all this into action?

Behavioural Intent Data isn’t a silver bullet that will magically create brilliant campaigns and close deals, but it will give you insights that can help your teams align behind the best strategies to reach good fit prospects that are actively interested in your solution.

Building out a good B2B ABM and Demand Generation strategy that will decrease your churn and improve your conversion rates requires a good understanding of the market and the tools available to you.

One of our Accredited Cyance Partners, durhamlane, are masters at ABM campaign creations and Demand Generation strategies. They know that to get good results you need to build a full journey plan and create personalised sequences that will engage with prospects as well as keeping them interested throughout the customer journey.

Part of their unique go to market strategy approach is their Digital Scout initiative, which involves leveraging Intent Data among other sources to complete a full market research deep dive through a commercial lens, that they then use as the foundation for their campaign strategies.

How can you focus your prospecting?

The average salesperson spends over 1 day per week on unproductive prospecting.

— The B2B Lead

Trying to prospect to your entire target market is both resource- and time-consuming. There are many blogs and articles out there that give you tips and tricks on how to make it more efficient, from tuning out outside influences to referencing a script or becoming a thought leader, but one of the big things all of them have in common is research.

Taking the time to research your market and build a prospect list that is a good fit for your proposition is what all good sales people do, but with the data available today you can get a lot more focused in your sales targeting.

Intent Data allows you to overlay all the market and persona work you have done with insights into how those accounts are behaving online and what they are consuming content around. This allows you to target your prospecting messages to people actively showing intent around your value proposition with content and copy that resonate specifically with what they have been researching.

"The average salesperson spends over 1 day per week on unproductive prospecting."

Improving conversion rates

Businesses implementing Account-Based Marketing tactics have found lead-to-close rates improve by an average of 75%. – Demandbase

Understanding which of your target prospects are actively showing intent around your offering and what topics they are currently researching makes starting and continuing relevant and engaging conversation so much easier.

Imagine being able to tell your sales and marketing teams what a particular account is researching so they can go away and create specific content to target to that account followed by a sales call targeting their main pain points and interests – this is the beauty of ABM.

Doing this at scale, especially if you are looking at several different markets, can seem like a daunting task. But when it is done well, it is truly invaluable.

Doing this at scale, especially if you are looking at several different markets, can seem like a daunting task.

Our Cyance Accredited Partner, durhamlane, have done just that with many of their clients across Europe, providing simultaneous campaigns in different languages to drive the best converting traffic. One such campaign was their outstanding work with Dutch telecom giant KPN where they delivered over €295k worth of closed won business and 127 sales-qualified leads (SQLs). Read the full KPN Case Study here .

Who said the closed sale was the end of the journey?

Using a more personalised marketing and sales approach through your ABM and Demand Generation campaigns leads to stronger relationships, moving through from sales into the customer success team, creating better business relationships and leading to lower churn.

You can also use Intent Data to support the continued journey of your accounts by monitoring insights around their research and content consumption to flag any potential upsell opportunities or catching any churn risks early enough to solve the issue before it’s too late.

Intent Data provides insights to help you structure your campaigns, from strategy through campaign launches and sales outreach right into customer success.

Learn more about intent data and how it works, in our free eBook on Intent Data


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