Pulse adopts Cyance’s Nexus to strengthen their ABM services!

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June 1, 2018

International integrated B2B marketing agency, Pulse, have selected B2B predictive marketing technology company, Cyance to assist and build on their intent offering.

This relationship will enable Pulse to utilise Cyance’s B2B intent platform Nexus, to develop and further build upon its forensic approach to ABM.

Pulse helps organisations navigate the ABM minefield, build and activate campaigns that deliver results and work in closer alignment with their sales teams.

“Over the years, we have built lots of intelligence around intent. As a consequence, we are looking to work with best in breed and feel that Cyance are one of these partners that will strengthen our existing offering to the market,” explains Ricky Abbott, Head of Strategy and Planning at Pulse.

“Our approach is built upon a deep understanding of how companies’ research throughout their buying journeys to aid their decision-making. The scale and detail of the European intent data provided by Nexus, will enable us to enrich our existing data sets & intent offering to drive more value for clients through our ABM programmes by targeting active audiences with more precision and relevance.”

Steve Russell, Commercial Director at Cyance, said: “We’re delighted to be working with Pulse. They are standout ABM practitioners who know how to utilise B2B intent data to improve segmentation, targeting and messaging. We’ve been really impressed with their forensic approach and are excited to be embedding Nexus in Pulse’s ABM offering to help deliver campaigns that engage and drive sales opportunities for their clients.”

About Cyance

Founded in 2007, Cyance helps businesses transform their data, predict buying behaviour and accelerate their sales and marketing ROI with its next generation machine-learning technology and unrivalled ecosystem of global data sources.

Cyance’s pioneering predictive marketing platform, Nexus, detects what businesses are consuming online – the web adverts they’re clicking on and the websites they’re visiting. By tracking this online behaviour from 150 million+ global organisations, Nexus helps organisations pinpoint what makes their customers, prospects and competitors tick, with laser precision.

Nexus also provides actionable insights that enable organisations to prioritise their marketing and sales efforts and spend their budget where they’re most likely to generate the best return on their investment.


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