Expandi achieves assets purchase of Cyance to give new life to the well-established brand and offer an unbeatable intent-data solution.

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Our partners are more profitable. Integrated B2B marketing agencies are creating longer term, strategic partnerships with their clients thanks to Cyance. Why? Because an always-on line of sight into buyer intent behaviour means you can generate more of the right results. It’s about to get a lot easier to target, engage and convert for your clients. Or yourself. Our intent meant one agency recently landed 8 new clients!

To us, partnership means something. We have a dedicated team to make sure we win and deliver more together.

For you, this means:

  • Support

    Help to scope and sell intent fuelled ABM and demand generation programmes.

  • Exposure

    Co-marketing through events, blogs, webinars, podcasts and PR.

  • Influence

    Access to beta testing and input into our product roadmap.

  • New business

    Referrals to our customers and prospects who need agency support.

Are you a B2B strategic agency, selling ABM or demand generation services into the tech sector? Do your clients sell high value solutions with lengthy sales cycles? If so you sound like our kind of partner and we’d love to hear from you.

Platinum Partner


Gilroy is an Enterprise B2B ABM agency. We combine intent tracking with a suite of intelligence tools, data sources and AI to build detailed and actionable insight on target organisations, teams and individuals. In doing so, we help some of the largest brands to roll out effective ABM programmes.

  • €40m+

    increased contract values from sub €10m

  • €600m

    the value of accounts won in one year

  • 5.6%

    unprecedented growth for international business

Gold Partner


strategicabm help global B2B technology brands grow and nurture sales and marketing pipelines by identifying accounts actively in-market for their products and services. As a leading inbound to ABM agency, we enable sales & marketing teams with strategy, planning and campaign execution.

  • 86

    accounts engaged

  • 7

    meetings generated with key target accounts

  • £1.5m

    million in sales qualified opportunities


Punch! are an account-based marketing agency helping B2B tech and SaaS companies shorten their sales cycles, increase customer value and improve ROI. With intent data, Punch! are able to identify key accounts that are beginning a buying journey, and target them more effectively with highly creative marketing campaigns.

  • 8

    new client wins

  • 25%

    of current pipeline from Cyance accounts

  • New

    prospects Punch! had never considered before

Silver Partner


durhamlane is a multilingual sales acceleration specialist helping organisations with complex offerings increase sales and thus revenues in a sustainable way. Outsourced Demand Generation, Sales Training, Coaching & Consulting and Sales Recruitment improve sales performance is a proven methodology driving better business conversations.

  • €1.6m

    estimated pipeline value

  • 187

    marketing qualified leads

  • €595k

    of new orders

Quantum Marketing

Quantum runs a wide variety of B2B demand generation activities for global technology companies. That’s why we see data as a core building block for helping generate meaningful engagement with hard to impress audiences. To this end, intent data is particularly critical, helping to guide successful campaign strategies and creative output.

  • 100%

    MQL to SAL acceptance rate for first 20 leads

  • 72%

    SALs became SQLs

  • 58:1

    return on investment


Modern is a strategic B2B agency that enables marketing leaders to better operationalise their marketing and deliver incredible B2B customer journeys. Using the Cyance platform, Modern is able to speed up sales cycles and strengthen its proposition to clients.

  • 300%

    increase in leads from large accounts

  • New

    buyer personas and industries discovered

  • £155k

    £155k pipeline influenced with a 861% ROI

The Marketing Practice

TMP is a global B2B marketing agency that believes in the power of integrated, long-term partnerships. We believe that every organisation has the data available to take a smarter approach to marketing, one that de-risks key decisions, and gives a firmer foundation to marketing strategy. Intent data is one of a number of data sources we leverage in order to deliver more effective marketing and drive ROI across ABM, demand generation and inbound.


Clarify help global technology companies and scale-ups create sustainable revenue in this uncertain world. Having been in the B2B technology industry for over 18 years, we know what it takes to make a real, measurable, valuable and sustainable difference to both top and bottom line, for businesses on both sides of the Atlantic. We combine Sales and Marketing with vast amounts of insight to open up new levels of engagement and revenue. The power is in how our services come together, placing the client in the middle of a hugely beneficial and mutually powerful ecosystem.

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