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How to use intent data to nurture and retain customers

If you thought intent data was just for prospecting and acquisitions, think again!


Intent data isn’t only of benefit for targeting and acquiring new customers. You can also use it to sustain and improve your revenue from existing customers

Uncover new opportunities as clients evolve and grow

Gathering intent information about the accounts you’re already working with helps you upsell and cross-sell more effectively, with visibility of the signals from the organisation’s web behaviour footprint. With up-to-date intent reports showing trends, you’ll notice when particular digital behaviour or searches are surging, which can indicate that something has changed within an account that could create an opportunity. 

Can you see customer warning signals in time to take action?

Step in before they start talking to competitors.

By tracking your own list of keywords and topics, you can pre-empt developing behaviour patterns and identify signs of interest in competitor products, providing timely and relevant marketing and sales engagement to seize opportunities and deflect threats. You can keep a step ahead of customers’ actions by monitoring intent data, taking steps to re-engage key stakeholders even before they speak to their account management or customer success teams. 

Reduce the risk of churn at renewal

Intent data is invaluable for RFPs and renewal negotiations. You can define and refine your approach with insight into the customer’s current outlook, priorities and behaviours online. 

"Step in before they start talking to competitors"

If you know a customer is looking hard at competitor solutions, this might influence what you offer and how you price it. You’ll also know which competitor messages they’ll likely be hearing, so you can include information to combat them and position your product or service in context of choices they may be considering.

Intent data has been proving its value in customer acquisition for some time. Now, smart and innovative organisations are looking to intent data to deliver even more value in competitive and high value markets. Intent insight is revealing the secrets of how to grow revenue by retaining and expanding key accounts.

Choosing the right provider and platform could be a decisive factor in your company’s ability to maximise growth from existing clients. If you’d like to know more about using intent data to drive your business growth, download our full eBook guide to intent.


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