Novacura selects Cyance Nexus to boost marketing ROI

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May 20, 2019

May 2019

Novacura, a market-leading developer of next generation solutions for business process management, has selected Cyance technology to help deliver a multi-region ABM campaign, improve ROI and expand its customer base.

Novacura is using Cyance Nexus, a behaviour-based marketing platform that uses predictive analytics and machine learning to detect buying behaviours and intent signals in the B2B online environment. Cyance is a multi-award winning B2B customer behaviour technology company.

“The key differentiator in using Nexus is intent,” says Petter Johansson, VP marketing, Novacura. “In the past we’ve bought data to plug into our existing marketing technology stack so that we can reach a wider audience. However, with Cyance’s Nexus platform we’re able to take a far more targeted approach, reaching the right audiences, at the right stage in the buying cycle, with the right content and messaging.”

As part of a larger account-based marketing (ABM) campaign, Novacura is also using the Nexus platform to build a list of lookalike prospects and expand the company’s client base.

“The Nexus platform is the only one that offers us the ability to not only engage more accurately with our existing prospects, but uses the data and buying intent signals to help us identify more potential customers.”

Novacura, head quartered in Sweden, recently opened a North American office to further its expansion into the region. As a result, it is using the Nexus platform to target prospects in this region, as well as in the Nordics.

Jon Clarke, CEO of Cyance, explains: “Nexus is the ideal technology to help Novacura meet its marketing objectives. The platform is the only one of its kind that focuses on local languages, which is especially important in the rollout of campaigns across the Nordic region. In addition, with its focus on using behaviour intent to refine and target prospects, it provides a far more effective marketing method than using purchased databases, especially when used to augment ABM campaigns.”

More information about Cyance and Novacura can be found at and

About Cyance

Founded in 2007, Cyance helps businesses transform their data, predict buying behaviour and accelerate their sales and marketing ROI with its next generation machine-learning technology and unrivalled ecosystem of global data sources.

Cyance’s pioneering behaviour-based marketing technology platform, Nexus, detects the digital footprints that businesses are leaving online. By tracking this online behaviour from 150 million+ global organisations, Nexus helps organisations pinpoint what businesses are in an active buying journey and what and makes their customers, prospects and competitors tick, with laser precision.

Nexus also provides actionable insights that enable organisations to prioritise their marketing and sales efforts and spend their budget where they’re most likely to generate the best return on their investment.

About Novacura 

Novacura is a human-centric IT-company using services and software to streamline and simplify our customers’ business-critical processes and ERP platforms. Novacura is privately held and has offices in eight countries. Our software solutions are sold through partner companies in additional markets. Novacura has 100 experienced employees and is headquartered in Gothenburg, Sweden.


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