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Not all intent data is created equal in B2B markets



Discover what differentiates the best and most powerful data to meet your targets.

For intent data to deliver the outcomes that matter to your business, you need to be sure that it’s relevant and addresses your market and customer base. Here are five key factors to consider when you’re assessing an intent data provider or solution:

1. Reach and quality: intent data providers monitor a defined collection of B2B websites. The number, range, and calibre of these sites is key — you need insight from the places that your prospects and buyers trust as credible research sources. 

2. Geography: US-based data co-operatives are unlikely to provide a true or complete insight into European buyer preferences and behaviours – people often prefer to visit websites and forums that are dominant in their own regions or provide information in their natural language. Not everyone chooses US English-based sources for research and evaluation; often they include a range of trusted regional content sources to evaluate new products and solutions. 

3. Custom keywords: some intent data services offer a pre-defined selection of topics, which can give misleading signals. A fixed range of topics won’t closely match your ideal customer profile nor your product or sector focus. They’ll also provide you with exactly the same information as any other subscriber to the service, eroding the crucial competitive advantage that quality intent data gives you. It’s far more accurate and insightful to be able to add in your own keywords and phrases focused on your market, product, business priorities and genuinely interested buyers. 

"US-based data co-operatives are unlikely to provide a true or complete insight into European buyer preferences"

4. Surges and spikes: seeing a dynamic picture of intent data is also valuable. That means you want to know the frequency and change in volume of activity, showing surges of interest that could provide the perfect moment to catch your prospect. Over time, you can see the difference between “normal” and surging behaviour at account level and understand the priorities and requirements that are peaking or falling away.

5. Granular detail: with so much data to consider, it’s important to be able to analyse and filter it, so you can see actionable insight that addresses your business, sales, and marketing objectives at the right time. From an overview, you’ll want to be able to drill down into granular signals and events that highlight exactly what a target account prospect may want.

Quality intent data is a crucial resource for B2B organisations operating today in competitive and high-value markets. The ability to specify topics and search terms is key for higher conversion levels in your sales and marketing. Choosing the right provider and platform with full customisation, a geographic match and accuracy in the intent data it provides could be a decisive factor in your company’s future growth and profitability.


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