Nexus Engage


Help your sales and marketing teams deliver more effective ABX strategies by notifying them when your customers or sales prospects are in an active buying window.

Connect Nexus to your CRM and automatically update it weekly with account-level intelligence. 


Display Advertising

 Activate your Nexus audiences straight into any display advertising platform, so that you can target and engage directly with your audiences when they are online.

Track your audiences engagement with your ads and website visits to re-target your intent-based audiences and build awareness around your business and campaigns.

Marketing Channels

Activate your customer ABM and demand generation audiences straight into your marketing automation platforms or 3rd party tools like LinkedIn.

Set automatic audience exports into any platform via our API connectors or via Liveramp, easily keeping your audiences up to date with your active ideal customers.


Account-based buying intent alerts

Ensure you always stay on top of changes in behaviour across all your customer accounts. Be the first to find out when your customers are in a relevant buying window and receive alerts, so that you can quickly respond.

Nexus Engage connects seamlessly with your tech stack through the following 3rd party providers:  Avocet, Amobee, Liveramp, Salesforce CRM, Hubspot, LinkedIn and Zapier.

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