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Cyance announces three new accredited partners

London, UK — Cyance, the leading provider of global, third-party intent data, today announced it has secured three new accredited partners; Modern, Clarify and Gilroy, who have become Cyance’s first Platinum Accredited Partner. Since deploying Cyance, each partner has delivered significant return on investment (ROI) for their clients, in terms of engagement, leads and new business.

Cyance has three levels of partner accreditation, which are awarded where a full platform deployment has been delivered within a demand generation or account-based marketing (ABM) programme. It recognises partners who can create, and deliver innovative account-based strategies leveraging the value of Cyance’s intent and ABM platform to deliver successful campaigns, evidenced with clear outcomes.

As Cyance’s first platinum accredited partner, Gilroy has perfected their use of Cyance intent data to fuel its ABM campaigns. Gilroy’s expert understanding and use of Cyance’s platform is driving revenue for their clients by identifying new opportunities earlier, winning bids and intelligently prioritising target accounts.

Example results achieved:

  • 420 sales qualified leads delivered within 4 weeks for a joint campaign run with three of the world’s leading cloud organisations
  • A 4x uplift in engagement on an ABM programme
  • Generated a £70m pipeline for one account through 1:1 ABM
  • Reached and engaged 37% of the entire campaign audience, across six European countries in a six week period

Commenting on its partnership with Cyance, Laura Goodey, Senior Partner at Gilroy, said:

“At Gilroy, we apply insight, experience and a framework for innovation to deliver game-changing sales and marketing strategies. A key part of this approach is developing a deep knowledge about our customers’ accounts, including granular, keyword level intent that adds power to our campaigns and connects the sales strategy. Nobody contributes to this like Cyance does.”


Bulent Osman, Chief Executive Officer at Cyance added: “The return on investments our accredited partners are achieving for their customers shows how agencies are constantly delivering powerful account-based strategies that leverage Cyance’s intent and ABM platform.


The results partners are achieving proves their advanced ability to build a digital ecosystem that really differentiates their account-based marketing campaigns. It is these partners alongside our direct enterprise customers that have played an integral part in our solid revenue growth and increased customer base over the past 12 months.”


For Clarify, Cyance is a key component of its unique intelligence stack, underpinning its world-class sales talent and award-winning marketing services. As a result of its partnership, Clarify has seen:

  • 3x return on investment
  • 3x more leads than non-intent driven campaigns
  • CPL reduction of more than 50% (£40-70 vs £112 from campaigns without intent)

Discussing the benefits of working with Cyance, David Hancock, Managing Director of Clarify Marketing Services commented: “Cyance’s leading intent insights enable us to uncover the accounts where we’ll drive maximum ROI, and delivers the context to help us create incisive communications that change perception and accelerate pipeline. This has always been a hallmark of Clarify, and the addition of Cyance to our intel stack means we can continue to deliver market-changing impact, sustainably with no wastage.”

Modern uses Cyance intent data to cluster accounts and content around customised keywords to determine the exact buyer stage of an account and subsequently target markets which have a high propensity for their clients’ services.

Since implementing Cyance, Modern has delivered incredible results for its clients, including campaigns which have achieved:

  • 8.6x return on investment
  • 4x increase in average deal size compared with non intent deals
  • Leads from Cyance are on average over 5x more likely to turn into opportunities than other forms of LinkedIn targeting

Stuart Ray, Director at Modern added: “We deliver marketing-led business solutions that enable the global leadership teams we work with to achieve their vision for growth. We use Cyance intent data to find companies that are already in the market to buy and to determine the campaigns and messages that will really resonate with them. The result is that our clients can reach buyers earlier in their research phase to help shape their thinking and solve their problems. Ultimately this creates more sustainable growth.”

Accreditation is important to Cyance as it provides a trusted bank of partners who can help accelerate time to value to its prospective clients and provide support to existing clients to achieve more from Cyance. The accredited partners benefit as it allows them to stand out in the marketplace as exemplary B2B marketers. Cyance will also refer clients and prospects who need agency support to its accredited partners.


About Gilroy

Gilroy is an enterprise B2B agency that specialises in supporting over half the world’s leading IT and Telco brands. Starting with insights and sales intelligence they bring together sales and marketing expertise, taking a multi-channel approach that supports and drives the entire customer buying journey.


About Clarify

Top 25 B2B Agency Clarify integrates world-leading Sales Development capability with award-winning creativity to deliver sustained and significant growth for global Technology brands and the hottest scale-ups. They create new revenue through differentiated propositions and deeper engagement, leading to valuable opportunity creation, all powered by an unrivalled view of the market.


About Modern

Global leadership teams trust Modern, the award-winning B2B Marketing agency, to deliver marketing-led business solutions that define and realise bold ambitions. From singular campaigns to wide-reaching transformation programmes; Modern helps the world’s most innovative businesses to grow wiser, stronger and faster.


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