Expandi achieves assets purchase of Cyance to give new life to the well-established brand and offer an unbeatable intent-data solution.

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Gilroy Gains Platinum Accreditation

Gilroy have perfected the use of Cyance intent to fuel Account Based Marketing campaigns. Their expert understanding and use of this insight allows them to open up new opportunities earlier, win bids, intelligently prioritise and communicate to new and existing accounts. Enterprise B2B technology companies around the world turn to Gilroy to grow their pipeline, increase close rates and average order values.

Our Partner Accreditation Scheme is designed to reward and recognise agency partners who are leading in the way in creating, understanding and activating Cyance intent insights to deliver outstanding results for their clients.

“We’re thrilled to become the first Cyance partner to achieve Platinum Accredited status. At Gilroy, we apply insight, experience and a framework for innovation to delivering game-changing sales and marketing strategies. Cyance is a key part of this approach. Their market leading intent insights give us a line of sight into the buyer intent behaviour of our clients’ target accounts. This enables us to refine targeting and messaging, produce content aligned to accounts needs, and enable client sales teams to uncover higher quality opportunities earlier in the buying journey that would previously have been missed.”

Kevin Sleap, Senior Partner, Gilroy Corporate Communications

“We are delighted to recognise Gilroy as our first Platinum Accredited partner"

“We are delighted to recognise Gilroy as our first Platinum Accredited partner. We’ve been particularly impressed with their ability to convert intent behaviour captured in the Cyance platform into tangible results for their clients. Gilroy harnesses the full power of intent insights to fuel outstanding ABM programmes, resulting in increased target account engagement, more sales conversations and closed won business for their clients. We look forward to supporting Gilroy in 2021 and beyond to deliver more success for our mutual clients.”

Steve Russell, Senior VP Alliances and Partnerships, Cyance


Moving into 2021 we are excited for our continued partnership with such an impressive agency!

About Gilroy:

Gilroy is an Enterprise B2B ABM agency. We specialise in combining intelligence, insight and creativity to drive high performance campaigns for sales and marketing teams. We put intent data at the heart of our strategies to fuel messaging, targeting and sales. We combine intent tracking with a suite of intelligence tools, data sources and AI to build detailed and actionable insight on target organisations, teams and individuals. In doing so, we help some of the largest brands to land and expand their best customers and roll out effective ABM programmes.

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