Cyance Launches Linkedin Integration

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Jenny Linder

August 2020

This new integration will allow Nexus users to automatically set up exports of their intent data straight into the Linkedin ecosystem creating and updating audiences that can be used for any Linkedin campaign.

With this expanded integration, Nexus now offers Linkedin users:

    • Easy set up and integration into multiple Linkedin accounts.
    • Automatic and bespoke audience building leveraging Nexus intent and Linkedin’s persona database, easily creating audiences in Linkedin based on actively trending customer ICP accounts.
    • Weekly automatic updates of audiences used in active campaigns in Linkedin with the removal of accounts that no longer show intent and addition of accounts that have started registering intent.
    • Full access to all Linkedin campaign filters and parameters for narrowing down the Nexus audiences to the ideal recipients of the campaign.
    • Freedom to use Nexus audiences in Linkedin for all types of marketing within Linkedin campaign manager.


“Since the addition of the Nexus Linkedin connector we have found an easy way to activate our intent audiences and have already generated 5 sales qualified leads in the last couple of days” – Nexus partner


About Cyance

Cyance helps businesses transform their data, predict buying behaviour and accelerate their sales and marketing ROI. Powered by its next generation machine-learning technology and unrivalled ecosystem of global data sources.

Cyance’s pioneering Behaviour Based Marketing Technology platform ‘Nexus’ detects the digital footprints that businesses are leaving online.

By tracking this online behaviour from 150 million+ global organisations, Nexus helps organisations pinpoint which businesses are in an active buying journey and what makes their customers, prospects and competitors tick, with laser precision.

Behaviour Based Marketing (BBM) enables B2B marketers to deliver highly-targeted and highly-intuitive marketing by creating good fit audiences that demonstrate the right type of buying behaviour.