Expandi achieves assets purchase of Cyance to give new life to the well-established brand and offer an unbeatable intent-data solution.

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Clarify achieves Cyance Silver Accredited partner status



We are pleased to announce that Clarify has become a Cyance Silver Accredited partner.

Clarify have embedded Cyance intent data into their intelligence stack, a common thread that runs through all client programmes. Their unique blend of 1st party data, insight, intelligence and experience allows them to uncover a deeper understanding of the addressable market, their needs and interests, to then apply sales and marketing expertise with substantial success. 

This unique blend of intelligence, marketing and sales has helped many global technology organisations realise their full pipeline and revenue potential, both in EMEA and the Americas, as well as transforming the fortunes of the very brightest scale-ups.

Cyance’s Partner Accreditation Scheme rewards and recognises agency partners whose creation, use and activation of Cyance intent signals are exemplary, leading to extraordinary results for their clients.

“We are delighted to become a Cyance Accredited Partner. Cyance is a key component of Clarify’s unique intelligence stack, underpinning our world-class Sales talent and award-winning Marketing services. This means we deliver significant closed revenue, sustainably, with no wastage. Cyance’s leading intent insights enable us to prioritise which accounts are in market, gain traction in those accounts and ultimately grow the pipeline.”

David Hancock, Managing Director Marketing Services, Clarify  

“We are thrilled to recognise Clarify’s expertise in creating, understanding and activating Cyance intent insights to deliver tangible results for their clients. It’s great to see Clarify harnessing the full power of intent insights on behalf of their clients throughout the buyer journey. We look forward to helping more of our mutual clients engage the right accounts at the right time with the right message in 2021 and beyond.”

Steve Russell, Senior VP Alliances and Partnerships, Cyance

“Cyance is a key component of Clarify’s unique intelligence stack, underpinning our world-class Sales talent and award-winning Marketing services.""

We are looking forward to doing more great work together for many years to come!

About Clarify:

Clarify help global technology companies and scale-ups create sustainable revenue in this uncertain world. Having been in the B2B technology industry for over 18 years, we know what it takes to make a real, measurable, valuable and sustainable difference to both top and bottom line, for businesses on both sides of the Atlantic. We combine Sales and Marketing with vast amounts of insight to open up new levels of engagement and revenue. The power is in how our services come together, placing the client in the middle of a hugely beneficial and mutually powerful ecosystem.

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