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January 20, 2019

Cyance will feature as platinum sponsors at this year’s CMO Network event at the Beaumont Estate in Windsor on February 19 and 20.   The CMO Network is an event designed exclusively for strategic marketing and digital business leaders from across Europe to share the latest marketing innovation, best practice and opportunities. As platinum sponsors of the forthcoming event, Cyance is holding a workshop, How AI and Predictive Analytics are Helping Businesses to Deliver Marketing Innovation and More Sales. Delegates will hear about developments in the way B2B buyers make purchasing decisions and the continued advancement and adoption of increasingly sophisticated B2B marketing and advertising technology techniques.The workshop will explore why and how an increasing number of B2B marketing and sales leaders are exploring technologies that can unify and augment their customer data to engage audiences across different touchpoints in an informed and consistent way. Key topics that will be covered during the session include:

  • Why B2B buying behaviours have changed forever and what this means for your business
  • How new techniques to capture customer behaviour online can transform marketing and sales performance
  • How B2B marketers can prioritise their marketing technology investments
  • The top data-driven strategies to enrich customer experience and help win new customers and sell more to existing customers
  • How to avoid being left behind by the innovators and perceived as irrelevant by your customers with real-time and highly-personalised customer engagement

The current picture In today’s digital era, CMOs are on a rapidly-evolving marketing transformation journey fuelled by changing buying behaviours and the adoption of digital channels. Businesses now need to work smarter to attract new customers and deliver an outstanding customer experience. While marketing leaders need to find new ways to provide greater personalisation and tailored engagement at scale. As a result, CMOs of the future need to get closer to their customers than ever before and drive transformational change across their organisations, using data, analytics artificial intelligence, which are predicted to be some of the biggest game-changers in 2018 and beyond. Our forthcoming workshop is a chance for marketers to tap into the new techniques and technology they need to find new customers, who are in need of their products and/or services, and capture behaviour-driven insights to deliver highly-personalised engagement. For more information about the CMO Network event, visit


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