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Jenny Linder

So what is intent data? How can you use it to supercharge your B2B business development strategies? Download our free intent data eBook and learn about the basics, the principles, and how you can use data insights to grow your base of ideal targets and new customers.

Intent data is powerful, actionable insight that ambitious B2B organisations need in order to prioritise their sales and marketing efforts on accounts with the most potential and value.

The digital signals created by online search and interaction produce a vast collection of behavioural data which can locate B2B buyers and indicate where they are in their buying cycle.

To use these insights effectively, you need to filter out the relevant intent information for your business, to build an accurate picture of which accounts are a fit and mostly likely to be interested in your product or service. Intent data providers and account based marketing (ABM) platforms provide technology to help analyse and filter the data, so you can start to map it to your business and incorporate it into your account based strategy.

This eBook explains how intent data works and why it’s so valuable for your B2B business growth and competitiveness. We describe where intent data can help you focus your marketing and sales resources and budgets in prospecting, acquiring, retaining and growing large customer accounts.

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