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From Lead Quantity to Lead Quality

As we move from quantity to quality in our market reporting and strategies we are learning to look at our data differently. Where it used to be a measure of performance it is slowly pivoting into a strategic tool that underpin all activity on to reach the best results.

To fully leverage the data however, B2B digital marketers know that one of the most important challenges to overcome is internal alignment between your marketing strategy and your sales team. Trying to run any demand generation or ABM campaigns without that alignment is incredibly difficult. But building that alignment is not as easy as it sounds.

Building the right foundations


Looking at your Ideal Customer Profiles for your offering and building out your Total Addressable Market is the foundation of any outreach. This has historically been done by the marketing team but missing out on the information from sales, customer success and market research can direct all your efforts in the wrong direction.

By involving the customer success and sales teams in the audit and building of your ICP you can get a much more rounded view of your best fit audience.


Following on from the ICP to the creation of your TAM, it is essential to include prospecting lists and outreach audiences from your sales team in your marketing audience build to allow for communication alignment in all your outbound messaging.


Once you have your TAM you can overlay your full audience with Intent Data to narrow down your focus to reach those accounts that are best fit for you and currently actively researching content around your offering.

"It allows all teams to be part of the process and encourages everyone to feel engaged"

Introducing alignment between all teams at such an early stage not only gives you a better chance at building the best ICP and TAM, but it allows all teams to be part of the process and encourages everyone to feel engaged in the joint outcome of a cross channel and cross team effort.


Creating an all encompassing campaign

Pulling all the foundations in order can be a time consuming activity but once you have it you have a solid jumping off point where you can merge audience data with other campaign data to build the perfect marketing campaign to reach your goals.


Whether it is an outreach campaign by sales and marketing, leveraging remarketing with supporting content and events to enhance a specific sales outreach cadence or the building of a full demand generation engine to boost inbound traffic – Intent insights can help focus and prioritize your campaigns.


Launching with the right content


The best campaigns have the most relevant content. Your campaign in the right place, at the right time, to the right person doesn’t work if you are not putting relevant and engaging content in front of them.


Creating content is an art, but the topics and content direction can be influenced by data. By looking at the data that your ideal customers are reading around and the keywords that they are consuming the most content around, you can start to create a content matrix for content writers to work from. Those same keywords can then be absorbed by the SEO teams to be included throughout the copy to improve the chances that the content you have so lovingly created is on the radar of your prospects.


Bringing in the insights and experts


Marketing is a team game and the more insights you have – the better. That includes both data insights and marketing experts bringing their knowledge to the table.


Behavioural intent insights can suggest what content would work best, what section of your audience you should outreach to and what specific account level conversations you should start to get the best engagement and likelihood of a close.

But it is just insights. The expertise comes in when you interpret the insights and establish how you can improve and streamline your current campaigns and practices for even better results.


Having someone like Think Beyond come in and bring their vast expertise to the table could mean the difference between a good campaign and an exceptional one.

"Marketing is a team game and the more insights you have – the better."

Enhancing demand generation based on intent


Think Beyond founder, Mercè Cozens, emphasises how intent supports increased marketing effectiveness.

“One of the big things for 2021 is marketing effectiveness. This means ensuring your marketing resources are aligned to your biggest opportunities and intent is an enabler of this. We recommend intent-based marketing insights to enhance sound sales and marketing processes and take results to the next level”.

A foundation of strategic marketing planning, solid sales and marketing alignment and developed demand generation processes prepares you for exceptional campaigns with intent insights.

  • In-depth market, competitor and customer research provides a foundation to achieve your marketing goals and deliver right channel, right time, right persona messaging aligned to your value proposition.
  • Close sales and marketing alignment underpins exceptional campaigns. If sales are enabled with content, processes and campaigns that deliver qualified leads, they are much more likely to convert.
  • Refined demand generation processes enable inbound activity delivered at scale to your TAM. The most effective demand gen scores and ‘nurtures’ leads at different stages of the sales funnel before sales convert.

Once your sales and marketing teams are aligned, and demand generation is working, intent insights really ramp up the success of an Account Based Marketing (ABM) programme. Focused campaigns to key accounts displaying intent using high-quality and relevant content can significantly increase the success of your most important campaigns. ABM with intent insights increases response rates, conversion rate and average deal size.

Think Beyond partners with leading b2b telecoms, technology and business services providers to maximise inbound marketing ROI via intent-based technologies. We provide strategic planning, deployment and marketing transformation support for highly-efficient and targeted campaigns to your addressable market. Accelerate your marketing and sales with predictive marketing, ABM, OBM and more.

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