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The Most Accurate B2B Intent Data

Cyance tracks over 24 billion global data events each month to find businesses looking for your services. Our platform unlocks the potential of intent data to help you shorten sales cycles, grow your pipeline, hit revenue targets and deliver results when you need it most.

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Delivering granular insights


  • Cyance understands intent more accurately than other providers. It’s the only platform that allows you to create custom keywords and topic lists to track intent signals specific to your organisation.

Global Coverage

  • Cyance is the leading provider of intent data outside the US. Our buying intent signals include over 55,000 sources — with more than 30,000 from Europe.

Surging Intent

  • We identify surges in intent behaviour so you can see where buyers are in their journey, and focus on meaningfully engaging with accounts that are researching and getting ready to buy.

Native Language Support

  • We support intent discovery in a number of non-English languages including English, French, German, Italian and Spanish to enable you to find and target European high-intent buyers.

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