Expandi achieves assets purchase of Cyance to give new life to the well-established brand and offer an unbeatable intent-data solution.

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Unique to Expandi Cyance, the VALUE score gives you the ability to quickly determine which accounts are a good fit for your business, based on a composite score that includes:

  1. Firmographic data – such as geographic area, number of employees, type of organisation, industry and most importantly, technologies deployed internally. If companies have technology installed that your product connects with, is dependent upon, or you have a sales battlecard against, then such insights can help you to segment & target them accordingly.
  2. Intent score – based on  Expandi Cyance’s improved data science, using signals from buyer committee behaviour across thousands of omnichannels sources. Intent is uniquely analysed and shown in terms of growth and volume.
  3. Sales Triggers – such as previous engagement with a sales / marketing campaign.


Easily create and manage lists of accounts to simplify analysing, segmenting, and engaging with your audiences.

Filters include:

  • Company details
  • Intent levels
  • Campaign type
  • VALUE Score

With Expandi Cyance you can create a list of accounts to use into a new or existing PPC campaign.  

This ensures you send the right message to the right accounts at the right time.

Company Matching

Quickly determine if a company is a member of a group of companies, and you can swiftly identify the parent or operating company group.

‘Land and expand’ – close with a subsidiary and use them as a touchpoint to champion your business.

Ideal for ABM strategies, company matching provides you with a company’s parent group details to shorten sales cycles and pave the way to increased revenue.

Gain valuable insights into industry trends and prospect interests to meaningfully inform your content and business strategy.

Uncover what your best-fit accounts are interested in, and how long they have been researching these topics, to gain a better understanding of their priorities and pain points – and what content will resonate with them best.

Company View

Access a comprehensive and user-friendly overview of data collected on a target account – enabling you to swiftly make informed decisions.

When you view any company in the Expandi Cyance dashboard, regardless of whether it is in your Tracked Accounts, Ideal Customer Profile, Total Addressable Market or Rest of Market, you will see a detailed overview of:

  • Intent activity over time (graph): Our algorithm allows users to discover genuine early-stage buyers, while filtering out false-positives of companies who aren’t serious about finding solutions to genuine problems.

The user can also see early-stage keywords (that indicate they are looking for solutions to problems they have) to late-stage keywords as they evaluate specific solutions or brands. Understanding what your audience is researching means you can frame their challenges and pain points in a way that aligns with your value props/products. You are able to adapt to stay relevant to them.

Aside from intent activity over time, you can also see:

  • Keywords that are being researched by the company in question
  • Company Details and Firmographics
  • Your lists in which this company features
  • Links to social media and website

Advanced Filters

Further narrow down your Top Companies to find those with common criteria based on Firmographics, Intent, Campaigns, VALUE Score and more.

We have several advanced filters categorised under:

  • Company (pictured here)
  • Intent
  • Account Segment
  • Turnover
  • Company size
  • VALUE Score
Fes A Head of Inbound Sales

“Cyance provides us with the data to help validate our account selection for account-based marketing & sales. It also helps us define our priority markets and understand buyer behaviour at the next level! Great for GTM research, planning and segmentation. Top-grade intent data for ABM and go-to-market planning.”


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