Expandi achieves assets purchase of Cyance to give new life to the well-established brand and offer an unbeatable intent-data solution.

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The Expandi Cyance Buyer Intent Platform: How it Works

The process behind Expandi Cyance is simple — identify your best fit customers using the most accurate intent signals available, understand the right time to reach them based on their behaviour, and then launch effective, targeted campaigns quickly and efficiently. Expandi Cyance gives your sales and marketing team the tools they need to beat their revenue goals time and time again.

Capturing Intent

  • Not all intent data is created equal. Intent data from Expandi Cyance allows our users to get the most accurate and granular insights across US, Europe and APAC.

    Expandi Cyance tracks 55,000+ websites globally, monitoring the visitors who consume and engage with this content. Using natural language processing, Expandi Cyance knows the context of the content and the keywords that relate to that context. Consented cookies relating to devices that have visited this tracked content are mapped back to a company, enabling you to see the content individual companies are most interested in. Cyance tracks account behaviour in 6 different languages, including English, German, French and Spanish.

  • By mapping intent insights to keywords and topics, you achieve a much higher level of granularity that has a direct impact on the accuracy of the data you receive. Expandi Cyance allows you to customise your keywords and to create your own intent topics so you can be sure that you are only tracking content interactions and account behaviour that is relevant to your specific needs and interests.

Targeting ICPs

  • The platform provides powerful and flexible filtering of accounts based on your keywords and topics, as well as technographic data, industry sectors, changes in intent behaviour and more.

    You see the unique results for the specific keywords and topics you have chosen. You can upload a list of accounts that you would like to track for your sales or customer success teams, and Expandi Cyance uses firmographic data to suggest Ideal Customers that would also be a good fit for your offering.

  • All accounts in the platform showing intent are treated separately. You are able to deep dive into each account to get a better understanding of their current trending topics and keywords as well as company information, links to their social pages and website, technographic data and contact information.

    The platform also takes the individual account behaviour into consideration when determining levels of intent, so that it can safely tell you when an account starts surging and showing more intent around your offering so you can reach them at the right time.

Activating Target Accounts

  • You can easily export and activate the audiences that you have built in the Expandi Cyance dashboard into your tech stack using our connectors.

    Whether you want to move account information into CRM and sales engagement platforms such as Salesforce or HubSpot, or whether you want to use your intent-fuelled audiences in LinkedIn or display campaigns, the Expandi Cyance platform can help. Exports from the platform can be done to push the most current intent data insights into your external tech stack to keep your audiences as accurate and up to date as possible.

  • In addition to the 3rd party intent data available in the platform, Expandi Cyance can also track further insights into account behaviour on your own website so that you can see who has interacted with your content and when.


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