How B2B Company buying behaviour trends and online research is changing during this crisis

Written by Jon Clarke


April 17, 2020

At Cyance, we recognise that during these unprecedented times, it has become that much harder to establish how you can streamline your operations, yet still find a way to grow your business.

We understand that we are going to have to do more with less. Therefore, efficiency and demonstrating more return on investment will be vital.

To help our customers and partners achieve this during these difficult times, we have created a new offering that may help you to gain some business growth momentum.

We have curated some of the key B2B behaviour trends from across the globe. Our insights track the B2B company content research and consumption trends from over 24 billion content engagement events every month from 10 million companies, spanning across 55,000 websites across the globe. We track any changes over time and update each week. We call this the Nexus B2B intent index. 

We will update the Nexus B2B intent index report each month with the latest global and regional b2b buying trends. To stay informed and help you to build your customer strategy during these un-precedented times, read these updates.

We track and report on the global b2b buying trends and provide more in-depth sector insights too. At a global level, we will keep you updated with b2b company buying behaviour trends across the US, Europe and APAC.

Global intent-based behaviour trends – macro insights across our ecosystem of 55,000 websites

This graph shows the volume of b2b companies in all regions trending across our 30,000 intent topics, taken from our Publisher and website universe. Activity was taken between week 1- end of week 13 2020 (28th March).

The Nexus B2B intent index report will also monitor the top intent topic trends on a global level as the impact from the current pandemic changes. This may help to provide some useful insights into the change in customer priorities and needs, especially as the economic impact continues to shape our future marketing and sales strategies.

We will also take a closer look into specific sectors in all regions too. These insights will provide some really specific intelligence around changes in customer priorities, and also highlight where there is demand for specific business solutions and services. 

One example for the Marketing Technology, ABM and Demand Generation sector is shown below.

Sector specific top behavior trends by week 

Jan to Feb, before the COVID-19 pandemic really took hold in Europe

Martech/ABM/Demand Gen Sectors

Week 2 – Jan to 28th Feb 2020

Week 14 – 29th Feb to 28th March 2020

Sector Insight Notes

Volumes of overall activity have reduced significantly compared to January-February.

Digital advertising research is now the most frequently researched content. This could be a channel to reach b2b audiences as they adjust to working from home.

Surprisingly, lead generation is the second most popular intent search topic, closely followed by customer engagement. We would have expected customer engagement to be ranking high, as companies adjust to the pandemic and recognize the need to retain customers.

Interestingly, digital marketing services and digital marketing agency are top trending intent topics. When you combine these topics with digital advertising. This may suggest more budgets are being moved away from offline and events to digital. This aligns with the anecdotal feedback we have received in the past 2-weeks from our customers and partners.

The Nexus B2B intent index report provides more sector specific b2b buying trend insights. To find the sectors you care about, click here.

We hope that these b2b behaviour trends help to provide some unique and invaluable insights as we all navigate through these unprecedented and uncertain times. 

About Cyance

Cyance is Europe’s leading b2b Intent data company, with the largest b2b data and publisher ecosystem across the globe. We monitor the content consumption and buying research activities from over 10 million organisations across the globe, from over 55,000 publisher websites across Europe, USA and APAC. 



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