Expandi achieves assets purchase of Cyance to give new life to the well-established brand and offer an unbeatable intent-data solution.

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Find Your Best Fit Customers. And Their Buying Stage

Discover what business topics your best-fit accounts are researching, and for how long! We track over 24 billion global data events each month to find businesses looking for your services. Use our platform to:

  • Find your best-fit accounts
  • Pinpoint prospect buyer stage & interests
  • Fuel ABM, PPC & Demand Gen activities
  • Efficiently win more deals!

Let us show you the power of Cyance!

Leading Intent Data for Growth in Europe.

What do you get with Cyance?

Find your best-fit prospects with Custom Keywords

Track companies that are researching certain keywords across thousands of websites & publishers.

Use FIT Score and Company View features to get a holistic view of your target accounts.

Segment, target & prioritise the right accounts

Create customised lists of keywords and intent topics to track the most relevant signals specific to your organisation.

Know where prospects are in the buyer’s journey

Use our Trending Topics feature to gain insight into industry trends and prospect interests, their pain points and priorities.

Unbeatable coverage and local intent signals

Cyance tracks roughly 60% more data than our closest competitors in Europe. Track European intent, enter new markets and expand your global reach- GDPR proof.

Ashley X Co-founder at X

"Best 3rd party intent platform for the EMEA market... and arguably North America, too!"

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