Expandi achieves assets purchase of Cyance to give new life to the well-established brand and offer an unbeatable intent-data solution.

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European intent data for B2B marketing & sales teams

Most intent data providers don’t have the resources in place to provide accurate and compliant European intent data. This means they offer a limited perspective for those looking to inform regional and local strategies in the EMEA.

Expandi Cyance is the only platform tracking buyer intent signals from over 30,000 local websites (in addition to our global coverage), across multiple languages (more than 10), with standard and custom keywords. Build pipeline in Europe or anywhere outside of the US, enter new markets, and expand your global reach with our platform.

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What do you get with Cyance?

GDPR Compliance

Expandi Cyance is 100% GDPR compliant – and can provide legal documentation to demonstrate this. What’s more, we offer account based marketing or ABM solutions, which means we profile companies, not individuals and their personal data. And lastly, we are a data processor and we do not own personal data (unlike a data controller, who controls and is responsible for collecting and using personal data).

GDPR is often the reason businesses work with us – because they know we’re the only European B2B data provider they can trust to deliver accurate and compliant data. This, in turn, enables them to develop successful ABM campaigns in Europe.

Extensive European Data Coverage

Most European B2B data providers are unable to offer genuine insight into European buyers because they only track US-based, english only, data signals.

By contrast, per fiscal quarter we track 24 billion B2B data events across Europe and APAC, and over 30,000 websites from Europe.

What does this mean? When benchmarked by marketing agencies, Expandi Cyance was found to track roughly 60% more data than our closest competitors in Europe.

That’s why we’re the leading provider of intent data beyond the US market. And that’s why Expandi Cyance is perfect for helping you enter new markets, activate new audiences and conduct highly targeted prospecting.

Local Language Support

In the European Economic Area, there are more than 20 official languages. So if you’re looking to target buyers in Europe, then you need intent data from European and local language sites.

The trouble is, most intent data providers don’t track non-English content. Instead, they directly translate English-language sites, and in the process lose all the nuance of intent signals.

Expandi Cyance is the only platform that supports intent discovery in multiple languages including French, German, Spanish, Italian, and Dutch. We also track more non-English content consumption in Europe than any other intent data provider. With us, you don’t risk missing out on B2B businesses across Europe that are broadcasting intent signals in non-English languages.


Keyword Customisation

Expandi Cyance users can do even more than discover intent that exists in multiple languages. Expandi Cyance is one of the only platforms that lets users integrate with the help of our experts custom keywords based around the intent you want to target, with carefully designed predetermined list.

This means your keywords can be as nuanced or complicated as you need – you can always choose the best and most accurate phrases relating directly to your product or service.

Europe and APAC in-territory Customer Success

Expandi Cyance is the only European B2B data provider which grants you access to a dedicated customer success team.

Gain valuable insights into European intent signals through their in-depth understanding of the local market. We also have support advisors in Europe to coordinate with you and rapidly resolve any support-related queries you might have, or help you get the most out of Expandi Cyance’s platform and reporting tools.

Ashley E Sales Enablement Director

"The best 3rd party intent platform for the EMEA market… and arguably North America, too. The ability to create your own keyword sets and themes allows you to gauge true intent, and the ability to create keyword sets in local language is massively useful, especially in EMEA.

We squeeze a lot of value out of the platform. Everything from account selection through informing messaging framework/value propositions, content strategy, channel selection, social selling, etc. The clickstream platform is so much more comprehensive and wider reaching than those of their competitors"


Genesys provides the worlds no.1 customer experience software platform. They were looking for innovative ways to grow their pipeline - and an ABM campaign in conjunction with Cyance produced remarkable results.


improvement in pipeline - valued at 7 figures


of article views delivered connections with influencers and decision makers


engagement with priority contacts


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