Do you really know what content your customers care about?

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January 16, 2019

Content is often the competitive differentiator in marketing.

Not only can it help you raise awareness of your business and position you as a leader in your field, but it can also hook prospects in and convert them into customers.

Compared to traditional marketing, content marketing is six times more effective at converting people into leads, and leads into customers.

It’s no wonder then why engaging content is in such high demand. But because of this demand, we’re now producing more content than ever before.

According to the Content Marketing Institute, in 1984, people were exposed to around 2,000 adverts each day. By 2014, this had risen to 5,000.

So, it’s all very well producing content, but no matter how interesting or well written it is, you need to guarantee it’s going to cut through the noise.

Great content has to stand out to achieve ROI

Whether prospects are carrying out initial research, or are just about to make a purchasing decision, the most effective content delivers what they need, exactly when they need it.

But with so much content being produced every day, even the most relevant content now struggles to break through the chaff.

It means that many B2B marketers spend lots of valuable time, effort and money producing content that simply fails to resonate with buyers and achieve the return on investment (ROI) they expect.

Precise targeting: the key to effective content marketing  

More-and-more B2B marketers now see the value in an increasingly targeted, account-based marketing (ABM) approach.

But we all know that ABM typically involves focusing on one customer at a time. So how do you cast your net wider and implement this approach on a broader scale? And how do you get the data you need to optimise content performance, without getting blinded by cyance?

Watch our short video to discover how to transform your content marketing strategy into something that truly stands out from the crowd.

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