Data is your most valuable asset. Time to unlock its potential

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January 16, 2019

According to The Data Economy Report by Digital Realty, by 2025, UK-based data centres will be responsible for storing data worth just over $135bn annually.

But with such rapid growth in data, B2B marketers are often left feeling like they’re dealing with rocket cyance. It’s all very well having a wealth of data at your disposal, but without the right tools, it’s almost impossible to unlock valuable insight.

Yet many organisations don’t understand that data without insight still leads to missed opportunities. So ultimately, marketers must deal with increasing pressure to deliver more leads – but without the insights they need to actually deliver them.

It’s not about data, it’s about insight

To achieve better sales and marketing results, you need to extract greater value from your data. But knowing how to get lift-off with your lead gen, or even what to focus on can be a quagmire of confusion and indecision.

Enter our pioneering B2B customer behaviour platform, Nexus.

By using tools like Nexus, you don’t have to worry whether your data is working to its full potential. The platform does all the heavy lifting – such as transforming behavioural data into actionable insights – for you.

What’s more, its dashboards are designed specifically to make sense of all the data for you – so you can spend less time deciphering numbers, and more time focussing on what the data means for your marketing and sales activities. 

The competitive advantage you’ve been waiting for

The truth is, while traditional CRMs and manual processes can work for some organisations, few have the ability to extract detailed insight from data at scale.

Nexus is different. Like an early warning system for people who are looking to buy, Nexus helps you identify:

  • Which organisations to target – including the most effective time to target them
  • What interests them – so you can personalise your content and messages
  • Who to target within the organisation – to reduce the time it takes getting to the right people

It’s this laser focus that helps you spend more time concentrating on the part of the market that’s most likely to be interested in what you have to offer. With this focus, you can optimise your budgets and focus finite resources on the right people to maximise ROI.

No more ‘spray and pray’ tactics 

Highly targeted lead generation means that you can guarantee your tailored messages hit the right people, at exactly right time. 

And because you’re coming to them with solutions to genuine problems you know they have, it eliminates the risk of sending unwanted spam, and keeps you on the right side of GDPR regulations.

As a dynamic, always-on platform, you can also rest assured that Nexus has the most up-to-date insights on your audience. That way, your lead generation activities are always targeting the right people – even as your audience changes over time.

Customer behaviour analytics: the future of B2B marketing

If data is used in the right way, you can get an informed view on who you’re targeting, and drastically streamline your lead generation activities such as content, programmatic, and targeting, across all marketing functions.

The result?

Highly-targeted and intuitive marketing campaigns that provide you with the best possible return on investment – regardless of where buyers are in the sales funnel.

In a sea of endless data, it’s time to board the insight-led life raft.

To find out more about Nexus, arrange a free trial, or to discuss your customer behaviour requirements, contact us on 0203 950 5270 or email


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