B2B marketing leaders spotlight: Jason Neale, Managing Director, BMC

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November 13, 2017

As award-winning B2B marketing technology pioneers, there’s very little we don’t know about the B2B marketing world – what makes it tick, where’s its heading and what’s on B2B marketers’ minds.

Having helped shape the B2B marketing arena for more than a decade, there isn’t much we haven’t seen or heard first hand. The same can be said for the B2B marketing leaders, including Jason Neale, Managing Director, BMC, who we’ve forged valuable links with over the years.

We recently caught up with Jason to ask him about his thoughts on what predictive marketing can mean for sales teams. Here’s what he had to say:

Jason on B2B salespeople’s best tool:

Three things are always a cornerstone of a good salesperson – they need tenacity, they need a desire and they need a hunger to want to succeed, but on top of that, I think they need to be more analytical than ever. They need to be able to look at data and identify what the good opportunities are and spend their time on them.

I think a modern B2B salesperson’s greatest tool is the ability to listen to what the client or the prospect is looking for and listen to their needs. Many years ago, we would have had to ask open questions to find this information, but in the modern age, we can find out a lot of that information ourselves. We can look at our social channels, CRM systems, marketing automation systems and finance systems. The tool of being able to listen is still very important, although the techniques that give us that information are now more to do with the information marketing provides across those channels.

Jason on data and sales:

Data is the most critical component in helping modern B2B salespeople. We can find out so much about an organisation, our clients and prospects before we even walk through the door. We should, as salespeople, have the ability to take information and really focus on the opportunities that are going to be the most successful for us and the organisation that we work for.

Gone are the days of throwing mud at a wall and hoping some of it sticks. Data now provides us with the ability to be more efficient and not waste time on opportunities that are unlikely to go anywhere.

Jason on the relationship between sales and marketing:

I think there are huge opportunities for sales and marketing departments to operate and work together as one. 

If we consider the data that’s available to us these days, marketing can provide incredible insights for sales teams. Sales teams can then take these insights and turn them into real usable sales intelligence. Gone are the days of walking through a door and not understanding the organisation or the person you’re going to meet. Marketing and sales have a great opportunity to work together to be efficient and really maximise the sales potential for their organisation.

To see the full interview with Jason for yourself, click here.

If you’d like any further details or would like to find out how we can help you find more customers and sell more to existing customers, contact us on results@cyance.com or 01295 724120.


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