Expandi achieves assets purchase of Cyance to give new life to the well-established brand and offer an unbeatable intent-data solution.

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Cyance vs Bombora

Intent data is a powerful tool which fuels ABM strategies, shortens sales cycles, increases ROI and delivers real, measurable growth. However, its potential is dependent on the provider’s platform. Expandi Cyance is the Bombora alternative that delivers better intent with flexible price plans. Here’s a guide to help you in your search for the best intent data provider  right for your business.


Countries & media coverage

A larger reach offers a better view of user behaviour. And depending on geographies covered, such as EMEA or APAC, you can discover new and untapped markets.

4,000 websites

4.8 billion B2B events tracked in EMEA territories per fiscal quarter but in english only language.

55,000 websites

24 billion B2B events tracked in EMEA territories per fiscal quarter. We track in local languages via local media. Cyance has EMEA in-territory Customer Success and Support.

Audience Coverage

How is intent identified and mapped to company names? Is the tracking providing the right coverage
Bombora uses cookies to find a correlation between a online activity and a company. Typicaly this is about 10% of the overall interactions. Tracking is done for all company's sizes including companies with less than 50 employees .Expandi Cyance uses IP technology to map interactions with companies. The match is done using a proprietory data base of businesses providing a match higher matching rate. Expandi Cyance tracks intent only companies with 50+ employees providing more suitable intent for B2B solutions providers.

Channel Coverage

Which digital and social channels are monitored for intent?
Bombora only tracks signals from web pages consumption.Cyance tracks signals from web pages and from B2B Social Media sites (LinkedIn). Combining the two sources of data gives much more reliable, powerful and actionable signals.

Scoring Relevance

Bombora provides an account score based only on the account weekly intent growthExpandi Cyance provides a score based on intent growth, a score based on intent volume (versus the account peers) and a total score combining the two proving a deeper view on the account intent level.

Data Customisation & Taxonomy Relevance

Every business is different. That’s why creating a custom list of keywords and intent topics specific to your organisation allows you to track the most relevant intent data – leading to the best results.


Users can select from prebuilt topic lists, but are unable to input or modify keywords or intent topics. Competitors have access to the same data (and therefore might target the same accounts).


Cyance allows hybrid set up. Users can define custom keywords, intent topics and intent taxonomies to be added to the standard keywords. This data is unique to you and is not sold to competitors. Custom keywords can be up and running in less than 4 weeks. Cyance also offers support to help stay on top of emerging trends and opportunities.

GDPR Compliant

Regulators have pushed for more privacy-preserving laws. Companies in breach of GDPR risk hefty fines.

Yes, but with a disclaimer.

Bombora collects data from co-operatives which require network-wide consent from visitors.

Yes, 100%

Cyance works with a number of identity-resolution companies, publishers and display advertising platforms to build audiences that are not cookie-based but synced with a unique universal identifier. This is GDPR compliant, and guarantees transparency and data privacy.

Language Support

Supporting intent discovery in non-English languages enables you to find and target high-intent buyers across the world.
English only10+ languages tracked including English, French, German, Spanish, Italian and Dutch.

Service Integration

You should be able to fully leverage the intent provided and maximise ROI
Bombora data can only be dierctly integrated with tools .The Expandi Cyance platform is fully integrated with the company data base of accounts and technographics and its Account Based Advertising platform so you can run demand generation and digital advertising campaigns on intent driven prospects.


Bombora is an intent platform provider. They dont provide extra servicesCyance is part of Expandi Group a leading B2B Marketing agency with experience in demand generation and awareness programs. We are not only providers but also users of intent data. We use the experience to improve the platform and provide better support to our clients.


There are a number of significant differences between Bombora and the Expandi Cyance platform, especially in terms of the quality of data each offers. But don’t just take our word for it; read what our clients have to say:

LAURA Y EMEA Demand Generation and Digital Specialist

What I like is how you can really tailor the keywords that the platform is using to pick up the behavioural signals across the web using ML and AI so rather than it being based on topics, it's extremely personalised to the problems and challenges that your products solve. This enables you to be super intelligent with the type of activity going on within that account so you can understand what they care about and then target them with the right message. Cyance also have a fantastic Customer Success team which has really helped to maximise results and advise how we can bake the platform into the overall GTM strategy.

LOUIS F Managing Director & Vice President

There are several areas where the Cyance platform has really driven both efficiency and effectiveness. What Cyance has allowed us to do is qualify the hypothesis before investing in demand generation. This mitigates time wasted chasing down miniscule sector opportunities and financial risk (ultimate ROI), whilst simultaneously shortening sales cycles (actually targeting organisations that are looking for solutions we can provide) and improving close rates. As ever, the proof is in the pudding. Doubled qualified pipeline over a nine-month period and improved win rates by 20%+ in the first full year of use.

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