Expandi achieves assets purchase of Cyance to give new life to the well-established brand and offer an unbeatable intent-data solution.

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Supercharge Your ABM With Intent Data Like No Other

Expandi Cyance is the only solution that supports accurate buyer intent discovery in more than 10 non-English languages such as French, German and Spanish.

With our superior tracking we only track activities relevant to your business and screen out noise with custom keywords. Thank to a truly omni-channel approach, we track billions of buying intent signals across the globe from 55K publishers, with over 30k in Europe, social channels and campaigns intent.

Whether you have a 1:1, 1:Few or 1:Many ABM strategy, leverage the accuracy, granularity and global reach of our platform to target high-value accounts, shrink sales cycles and drive pipeline like never before.

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    What do you get with Expandi Cyance?

    ABM powered by intent data

    ABM strategies commonly use intent tools to identify new accounts, or firmographic and technographic data. Our solution incorporates both to provide you with a precise scoring logic that helps you find your best-FIT (Firmographic + Intent + Technographic) prospects.

    Buyer journeys are changing. With the new digital world of B2B, the prospect could be showing interest and proceeding to evaluation before you’ve ever managed to touch them.

    Cyance helps B2B sellers wrestle back control. Be smarter with your demand generation, using accurate scoring of intent signals globally to fill the funnel with higher quality prospects.

    Use intent signals to determine what your audience cares about and what they are researching. Enhance engagement rates by creating content and messaging that position you as the best solution to their challenges and pain points.

    Segment, target & prioritise the right accounts

    Expandi Cyance is the only platform that allows you to create an entirely customised list of keywords and intent topics to track the most relevant signals specific to your organisation. The data you receive is therefore unique, and it can be used to build audiences and provide you with ideal customer profiles.

    In addition, Expandi Cyance identifies changes in account activity which shows a heightened interest in the keywords and topics unique to your organisation, especially in comparison to its previous behaviour. This feature is called surging intent, and you can use it to identify where accounts are in the buying journey to deliver the right message at the right time to drive conversions.

    Better calls, more volume, reduced wastage

    With real-time, deeper account intelligence, you can spend more time on best-FIT prospects and hyperpersonalize at scale.

    Qualify prospects against your ideal customer profile and narrow further to those ICPs that are in-market, and then use the breadth of intent signals available to widen your funnel to more opportunities and more buying group participants.

    No matter your ABM strategy, leveraging Cyance’s accurate intent data will deliver rapid return on investment.

    Drive down costs, reduce wasted time and resources, broaden account penetration and significantly shorten your time to revenue.

    Combat churn

    Identify existing clients who are re-entering the buying cycle, and reach out to them to better understand their needs and pain points. Align customer-facing teams to nurture clients and enhance customer experience.

    Laura Y EMEA Demand Generation and Digital Specialist

    “What I like is how you can really tailor the keywords that the platform is using to pick up the behavioural signals across the web using ML and AI so rather than it being based on topics, it's extremely personalised to the problems and challenges that your products solve.

    The fact that Cyance also enables you to integrate with CRM and Demand-Side Platforms for ultra-targeted programmatic and display advertising, and LinkedIn for targeted social advertising, is a real game-changer that allows you to activate quickly on the activity going on within accounts in an always-on approach.”

    Intent-led ABM leaders in Europe

    We track over 24 billion global data events each month, giving us the widest and most detailed view of intent both across Europe and worldwide. Unlike other platforms, we never, ever sell your data to your competitors, and we are also 100% GDPR compliant.

    We’re the only provider that supports buyer intent discovery in non-English languages such as French, German and Spanish. So, if your focus is on European markets, we’ll help you transform your sales and marketing activity and drive real, measurable growth.

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    Modern is a strategic B2B agency that enables marketing leaders to better operationalise their marketing and deliver incredible B2B customer journeys. Using the Cyance platform, Modern is able to speed up sales cycles and strengthen its proposition to clients.


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