Expandi achieves assets purchase of Cyance to give new life to the well-established brand and offer an unbeatable intent-data solution.

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6sense vs Cyance

Intent data is a powerful tool. It fuels ABM, shortens sales cycles, increases ROI and delivers real, measurable growth. Yet, its potential is dependent on the provider’s platform. Since we’re frequently compared to 6sense, we’ve prepared this convenient guide to help you in your search for the intent data provider that’s right for your business.

6sense is an Account Engagement Platform that helps B2B organisations achieve predictable revenue growth and within this, they provide US-based intent data. Expandi Cyance’s intent data platform provides coverage from more than 55,000 US, European and APAC websites including native language content. Our platform can either be used as a 6sense alternative or work alongside 6sense – to fuel it with highly accurate European intent data. Learn more about the 2 platforms below!



High-level topics are NOT customisable, leaving you unable to detect intent for niche topics.

Yes - Our support team will help YOU define the specific keywords that are deeply relevant to your business – unlike other platforms which insist you select fixed topics from a predetermined list. This is important because, with Cyance, you are only tracking account behaviour that is relevant to your specific products and services – rather than getting inaccurate or broad indications of intent.

Intent sources

Bidstream, provided by demand side advertising platforms. Advertisers ‘bid’ for space to place their ads on a publishers page based on the context of the page, and certain details of the end user such as location and IP address. With bidstream, the end user hasn’t provided permission for this advertiser to receive or use their data. Therefore, both the US Senate and the EU are looking to legislate in this area.

Data partners. Cyance makes sure all data is provided with GDPR compliant permissions, with a richer set of data regarding the end user in terms of context/keyword relevance by working directly with the publishers. This also enables Cyance to access publisher sites that aren’t presenting ads on their sites.

Regional coverage

Predominantly US coverage and data.

Cyance is the leading provider of intent data outside of the US. Our buyer intent signals include over 55,000 sources, with more than 30,000 from Europe. Per fiscal quarter, we track 24 billion B2B data events across Europe and APAC. But what do these numbers mean? Well, when benchmarked by marketing agencies, Cyance was found to track roughly 60% more data than our closest competitors in Europe.

Native language content tracking?

No - English only

Yes – French, German, Spanish, Italian, Dutch and English


It’s clear there are a number of significant differences between 6sense and Cyance, especially in terms of the quality of data each offers. But don’t just take our word for it; read what our clients have to say:

LAURA Y EMEA Demand Generation and Digital Specialist

What I like is how you can really tailor the keywords that the platform is using to pick up the behavioural signals across the web using ML and AI so rather than it being based on topics, it's extremely personalised to the problems and challenges that your products solve. This enables you to be super intelligent with the type of activity going on within that account so you can understand what they care about and then target them with the right message. Cyance also have a fantastic Customer Success team which has really helped to maximise results and advise how we can bake the platform into the overall GTM strategy.

LOUIS F Managing Director & Vice President

There are several areas where the Cyance platform has really driven both efficiency and effectiveness. What Cyance has allowed us to do is qualify the hypothesis before investing in demand generation. This mitigates time wasted chasing down miniscule sector opportunities and financial risk (ultimate ROI), whilst simultaneously shortening sales cycles (actually targeting organisations that are looking for solutions we can provide) and improving close rates. As ever, the proof is in the pudding. Doubled qualified pipeline over a nine-month period and improved win rates by 20%+ in the first full year of use.

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